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New book in English: "Blistering Barnacles" (publishing November 2021)

UK Correspondent
#1 · Posted: 29 May 2021 13:35
Albert Algoud's dictionary of Captain Haddock's curses will be published in English for the first time later this year, to celebrate the Captain's 80th birthday.

Blistering Barnacles: An A-Z of The Rants, Rambles and Rages of Captain Haddock (ISBN 978-0008497354) will be published on 11th November 2021, £12.99 RRP. Farshore announced the publication on Twitter yesterday.

Since the translators often invented English equivalents for Haddock's curses, rather than literal translations, some of the content of this English edition should vary quite a bit from the French original (i.e. "mille sabords!" vs "blistering barnacles!").

Incidentally, I believe this is the first Tintin-related publication to appear under the Farshore imprint (see recent discussion on the HarperCollins acquisition/Egmont rebrand here).
#2 · Posted: 30 May 2021 19:39
That's actually something I'd love to get! I have the French insult book (I can't really say it's the "original version" of the book, since the Captain's insults in English aren't translations from the French ones) and always wondered what kind of verbal arsenal Haddock brings out in other languages.

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