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Tintin and the Picaros: Dating the story

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#11 · Posted: 10 Sep 2021 21:33
San Theodoros also has colour TV, available even in the middle of a forest.

This would suggest later into the 1970s, but the Dripping Tap's fashions would suggest early into the decade. Maybe San Theodoros was early switching to colour.
#12 · Posted: 11 Sep 2021 12:14
Maybe Theodoros was early switching to colour.

Yes – even Sponz's CCTV spyware is operating in colour, which seems quite advanced even if we're into the mid rather than early seventies. If that equipment's being supplied by the Bordurian regime, their telecommunications standards seem to have improved a good bit since the cronky phone lines of the Calculus Affair.
#13 · Posted: 11 Sep 2021 20:13
Maybe San Theodoros was early switching to colour.

Further to Balthazar's reply above...
If Nuevo Rico and San Theodoros are based on Paraguay and Bolivia (as per The Broken Ear being based on the Chaco War between them), it certainly looks like the San Theodoros TV was ahead of the curve, as its real-world counterpart didn't begin colour transmission until 1979 (a little bit of Googling tels me - I didn't actually know)...

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