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Tintin in Other Languages: Cape Verdean Creole (Kabuverdianu/ Kriolu)

#1 · Posted: 30 Nov 2021 09:48
We had an interesting e-mail from Gil Pires, which we can share here:


You may add to your website that
Tintin in Tibet (#20) was translated into and published earlier this year in Cape Verdean Creole [Kabuverdianu (language code KEA)].
The Cape Verdean language is also known as Kriolu.
The title was released as
Tintin Na Tibeti. Here is a link to [information about] it.

A few years ago there were plans for publisher Casterman to release a translation of
The Red Sea Sharks (#19) into Cape Verdean Creole as Karvon Na Puron, but it did not materialize and there don't seem to be references to it online anymore.

Best regards.

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