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Could Syldavia be in the EU?

#1 · Posted: 25 Jan 2022 06:29
Since Syldavia is somewhere from Eastern Europe, Could Syldavia be in the EU?
#2 · Posted: 28 Jan 2022 18:12
You'd imagine it could well be. The postwar political situation in Syldavia is a bit undefined in the Moon books (with a lot of military police and no sign of the King) and seems positively murky in the Calculus Affair, with its secret services behaving with ungrateful thuggery towards Tintin and Calculus in a way that seems no better than Borduria's. But like the real life Balkan ex-Yugoslav countries (following the awful civil wars of the 1990s) you'd hope Syldavia might by now be moving towards peace and democracy under recent membership of the EU. Maybe Borduria would have joined too, though you could imagine it might be a more controversial member with a democracy-challenging leadership like Orbán's in Hungary; or maybe it would remain resolutely outside the EU, with a Neo-Kurvi Tasch/Plekzy Gladz regime propped up by Putin's Russia, like Lukashrnko's regime in Belarus.

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