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Tintin in America: New colorised version

vikas singh
#1 · Posted: 9 Feb 2022 10:24
The new colorised version has three versions, each with a different cover image: 1) Riding the train; 2) Yawn; and 3) Campfire.

Any idea about how many quantities of each were printed?

Also was the Campfire English version printed for sale in UK only?
#2 · Posted: 11 Feb 2022 17:41
vikas singh:
Also was the Campfire English version printed for sale in UK only?

Yes, the Campfire cover is a UK exclusive, which you can get from the Tintin Shop in Covent Garden in London. The other two appear to be available in places like Amazon.

As to how many of each version, the quick answer is I don't know, and doubt we ever will. There's no incentive for publishers to say - other than for items that are specifically marketed as an edition limited to a certain size - they prefer to keep that kind of information to themselves.
#3 · Posted: 16 Feb 2022 12:38
Would really like to get one

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