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Hergé: 1953 Radio appearance on "Que les meilleurs l'emportent!"

#1 · Posted: 8 Mar 2018 12:19
On Sunday the 8th of March 1953, at 18:53, Radio Luxembourg broadcast a recording of their series, Que les meilleurs l'emportent!.
A magazine programme for children, it offered competitions, games, celebrity interviews and other entertainments; on this occasion, their special guest was none other than Hergé himself.
In the issue of the 4th of March, Tintin magazine had carried a feature about the previous week's show, which featured Belgian sports star, and Olympic medallist Gaston Reiff (exactly how the "prestigious prestidigitation" of the conjuror Nicador – who is also named as an act that week – went across on radio, I can't imagine).
Photos accompanying the piece about Reiff's appearance clearly show Tintin and Snowy as cut-outs decorating the stage, and the text indicates that the Tintin trading-stamps scheme was sponsoring the event, as they did the following week; I don't know if this was a regular thing, or just for those two weeks (any information or further material about the programme would be gratefully received).
Hergé's broadcast was covered in the next issue (11th March 1953), with photos of host Jean-Marc Landier moderating as Hergé took questions from his young fans in the audience, to which (it was said) he answered, "with his customary kindness".
The afternoon recording sessions were held at 15:00 on Thursdays in the Salle Patria, Rue du Marais 23, in central Brussels, just round the corner from the future home of the CBBD in Rue des Sables. Doors opened at 14:30, and admission was free.

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