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Frank Madsen: "Kurt Dunder" English editions?

#1 · Posted: 20 Feb 2004 14:58
Frank Madsen's Kurt Dunder looks really good. Are there any plans to publish it in English?
#2 · Posted: 21 Feb 2004 01:32
Madsen tested the waters by releasing one album in English in 2000. Perhaps Kurt Dunder in Tirol did not sell as well as Madsen had hoped - the last time Madsen and I discussed the subject, he said that he was concentrating on breaking into the German market.

In the summer of 2000, I went to Studio Gimle to see where Kurt Dunder was made. Though I did not get to meet Madsen (he was in France at the time), his colleague, who had been expecting me, kindly gave me a tour of the Studio. I came home with wonderful memories and a signed copy of Kurt Dunder in Tirol (a lovely surprise gift from Madsen). :)
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#3 · Posted: 22 Feb 2004 03:43
Kurt Dunder in Tyrol (in English) is available from Eudor comics, who have a website www.eudor.dk

I've been reading some of Madsen's stuff which he's got on his website...Jim Spaceborn is interesting, especially as it's all Lego! :)

#4 · Posted: 25 Feb 2004 11:46
If you are thinking of purchasing a copy of Kurt Dunder in Tirol, be aware that the story continues in a next album, The Fifth Gospel, which is not yet available in English.

Frank Madsen's wife, Susi Bech, also produces comic books. She is the author of the Nofret series.
#5 · Posted: 27 Feb 2004 20:16
Thanks, but I already ordered a copy at eudor.dk before you posted your warning. I probably would have bought one anywas even if I'd known that the story wasn't finished, but at least now I won't have a heart attack when I reach the end of the book :)

I hope Fifth Gospel will be translated someday...

Are the English Nofret(s) complete?
#6 · Posted: 29 Feb 2004 00:55
I have a reply from Frank Madsen. This is what he has to say about the English edition Kurt Dunder, and Nofret:

The Nofret books (of which only "Kiya" - number 10 - is translated into English) is a continuing story about Nofret's life in ancient mediterranean, but each book contains a complete story in itself. With a resume on the back of the title page.

The new Nofret book, number 11, will be published by April 2nd in Danish bookstores, but we decided against an English edition, since we couldn't get government support this time. But we are signing contracts with a new agent in New York next week, so maybe eventually Kurt and Nofret will see publication in English as well.

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