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The Rainbow Orchid

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#11 · Posted: 25 May 2004 17:32
Now I've been invited to do a talk at the library - I'll let you know more when I know more!

In other (surprising but nice) news, The Rainbow Orchid is a nominee finalist for the National Comics Awards. My chances of actually winning are miniscule, but the nomination is very nice, I must say.
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#12 · Posted: 25 May 2004 20:33
Many congratulations Garen, extremely well deserved if I might say so...
#13 · Posted: 26 May 2004 06:58
Looks good Tybalt, think I'll give it a go for £3

#14 · Posted: 1 Jun 2004 16:06
This from Neill Cameron:

"If there's anyone in the world who hasn't already got a copy of Garen Ewing's widely-acclaimed comic 'The Rainbow Orchid' issue 1, now is your chance to score one for FREE! Those kind and polite young chaps over at www.urtheory.co.uk have three copies to give away - all you have to do to win one is answer a question SO easy that Steve Priestley of 'movies, games and videos' would be ashamed.

Unified Review Theory is a website dedicated to the holy mission of reviewing everything in the world, ever, in order to establish empirically what is best. This includes comics."

#15 · Posted: 1 Jun 2004 21:58
i got mine this morning, i'll read it tonight!

#16 · Posted: 2 Jun 2004 04:04
Cool! I've gone in the competition.
Not much of a chance to win, but still you've got to be in it to win it!
Besides if I don't win it I will buy it.
#17 · Posted: 4 Jun 2004 13:52
Garen! just finished reading Part 1 (im not a slow reader, just been busy!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and awaiting part 2. When will it be published? I saw you were thinking about making it online. Thats good but please can you get it printed as well, nothing compares to reading a comic in print on paper!
#18 · Posted: 4 Jun 2004 14:37
It will be printed. Comics were made for print!

I am working on part two now (literally). It will be serialised in an anthology called 'Fusion' and will then be collected, just as part one was, probably around Christmas time, or very early 2005.

Link removed
Really pleased you enjoyed it - thanks!

Moderator Note: The above link had expired, and Part 2 will be available next year (2010, as of writing). Find out more at Garen’s web-site.

The Happy Tintinologist Team
Byron Virgo
#19 · Posted: 5 Jun 2004 11:56
"Camden Library in London is having a comics exhibition sometime in the next few weeks, including some Rainbow Orchid material

Oh good! That's my local library!"

As organiser of said exhibition, I feel that I should point out that although the exhibition is in the London Borough of Camden, it is not actually in Camden Town Library.

We are currently located in:
West Hampstead Library
Dennington Park Road

Tel: 020-7974 6610
Fax: 020-7974 6539
Email: westhampsteadlibrary@camden.gov.uk

Opening hours: Mon-Tue 10.00-19.00; Thu 10.00-20.00; Fri 10.00-18.00; Sat 10.00-17.00; Sun 11.00-16.00; Wed closed.

We have a display featuring some of Garen's work on The Rainbow Orchid, including the stages of construction of an individual page, from script, through pencils and inks, to finished colour and letters. We are also selling copies of The Rainbow Orchid in the library, so anyone who hasn't yet managed to get themselves a copy, you know where to come.

As Garen previously said, and all things being well, he should be coming down to make an appearance and give a talk for us, but I'll provide more details as and when.
#20 · Posted: 7 Jun 2004 17:22
That exhibition sounds great - I must get along, as I am within easy reach of W. Hampstead!

I got the “Orchid” at the weekend, and I have to add my sincere compliments to all the rest here - it is truly an amazing achievement, both in terms of art and story.

Now, bearing in mind that this is bound to be a future collector’s item, and undoubtedly the star of the never-to-be-forgotten 2079 exhibition “Julius Chancer at Sea” at Greenwich, is it worth tracking down the BAM! issues? Would we find missing frames, lost sequences, expurgated dialogue or other goodies? I’d like to think that if I salted them away now, my future grandchildren will be financing their education on the proceeds...

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