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Harry Edwood: Voice of the Lagoon, Kangaroo Rock, O-Light etc.

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#1 · Posted: 13 Jul 2004 19:44
Does anyone know what the following titles by Edwood are about, and if they were ever drawn? And if I can find them on the web? Thanks.

Le Rocher des Kangourous
Le projet O-light
Escale à Biarritz
Les héros pétrifiés
La Voix du Lagon
Elfes de Moulinsart

Moderator warning: While it is in the realms of what is permissable to discuss unofficial albums, under no circumstances can we allow people to ask for, or give, information on how to obtain them; it could easily lead to our being closed down for copyright infringement. - The Tintinologist Team
#2 · Posted: 14 Jul 2004 13:11
They are mostly just pretend covers, as far as I know.

“La Voix du Lagon” is the only one which has developed beyond the cover stage. I can’t tell you where to find them, as I think that might get us into trouble with “The Chateau”…
Harrock n roll
#3 · Posted: 14 Jul 2004 15:59
"Elfes de Moulinsart" also exists as a 3 page short - a Christmas pressie to his fans. As Jock said, the rest are just covers.
#4 · Posted: 23 Aug 2004 10:30
Is Harry Edwoods site still going? I tried to find it through that famous search engine and could only find what appeared to be his site, which seemed to say something along the lines of not being up any more (apologies for all the 'seemed' and 'appeared' as my French skills are somewhat lacking). Are there any other locations to see the parodies on (aside from the Tintin Est Vivant site). Also has Richard managed to translate any more of the Voice of the Lagoon?
#5 · Posted: 24 Aug 2004 01:15
BlueBlisteringBarnacles wrote: Is Harry Edwoods site still going?

Moulinsart must have caught up with Harry as well. :(

BlueBlisteringBarnacles wrote: Are there any other locations to see the parodies on (aside from the Tintin Est Vivant site).

Tintin est vivant is probably the most comprehensive archive you will find around. So as not to provide Moulinsart a pretext to close us down for a second time, let's focus our discussions on Harry Edwood as an artist, not where to download his works.

BlueBlisteringBarnacles wrote: Also has Richard managed to translate any more of the Voice of the Lagoon?

To find out what is on Richard's plate, please contact him directly via email.
Moderator Emeritus
#6 · Posted: 24 Aug 2004 09:27
Moulinsart must have caught up with Harry as well. :(

From the 'closure' page, it seems like Edwood closed it down himself...however, it says it closed in April 2004, and I'm *positive* I've looked at it since then...

Oh well. Hopefully he'll be back! :(

#7 · Posted: 24 Aug 2004 14:14
On a more topic orientated line, does anyone know how far Edwood got with his story?
#8 · Posted: 14 Feb 2006 17:03
Anyone know the current status of 'Voice of the Lagoon'? I've only seen the first 7 pages, in pencil. Has any more progress been made - either in inking/coloring; or in the pagecount?
#9 · Posted: 15 Feb 2006 13:52
I know several differant covers have been made, e.g. magazine, film, book. The drawings are very good, but it's only in pencil. It is by Harry Edwards, and has been translated into English.
#10 · Posted: 11 Mar 2006 17:50
Has anyone heared something new concerning Edwood and his work? There seem to be no news regarding ''The voice of the lagoon'', but I searched for his works and got to know that there is at least one cover which one can not find on the net. Does anyone know whether it is new?

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