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Kurt Dunder in Tirol and the Fifth Gospel

#1 · Posted: 3 Mar 2004 20:58
My English language edition of "Kurt Dunder in Tirol" arrived recently and I just finished reading it.

Fantastic! I hope more of them are translated someday.

Regarding the storyline and the source material: Has anyone here read the sequel, "Fifth Gospel"? Is the storyline based around the gnostic Gospel of Thomas and/or the Mary Magdalene stuff? Or is the "fifth Gospel" actually revealed to be something new, possibly Saul/Paul's pre-chrisitan writing as was hinted at?
#2 · Posted: 6 Mar 2004 23:55
Below is Frank Madsen's response to your post:

I read the debate about Kurt Dunder and it was very exciting to see, that people was interested in the books. The sequel to "Kurt Dunder in Tirol", "Kurt Dunder and the Fifth Gospel", has not been finished yet. In 2002 and 2003 I published a comics magazine in Denmark, "Kurt Dunder & Kompagni", and that took a heavy toll on my work time. We had really great reactions from the readers but great trouble getting our magazine into the supermarkets. The Kurt Dunder story therein, "Kurt Dunder & the Nanobots", was a new story not related to the Tirol/Fifth Gospel-storyline, so it is only now, that I can continue on the Gospel story. Hopefully it will be published in 2005.

The "Fifth Gospel" is a quest for Saul's forgotten manuscripts from the time before he became a Christian. In the book, several people are interested in getting their hands on the scrolls, including Kurt, Fifi la Rouge, the Vatican, the local authorities (the story will take place in Jordan) and a mysterious muslim brotherhood. The main location is the crusader castle Krak de Chevaliers.

The Kurt Dunder and Nofret books can be bought online from http://www.eudor.dk (in English) or http://www.carlsen.dk (Carlsen publish our books in Denmark).

Kind regards from Denmark,
#3 · Posted: 3 May 2015 03:23
It seems that after a 15 year break since "Kurt Dunder in Tirol" was published- a new work in English has been released- titled "Kurt Dunder in Africa".

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