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Breaking Free

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#1 · Posted: 16 Mar 2004 03:52
Hi, I'm also a new member here.

Even though I've already asked this question before (thanx to Irene for answering, by the way), I thought that I could get some more insight on the forum. Anyways, I was on Amazon.com a few days ago when I found a book titled "Breaking Free: The Adventures of Tintin" by J. Daniels that had a picture of Tintin, Haddock, and a slew of other people that I didn't know. As Irene put it, it's a book about anti-corporations or something like that, but I think its out of print by now. Would anyone else have any more information on this? Just wondering.
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#2 · Posted: 17 Mar 2004 19:26
Very different from normal Tintin books, isn't it?!!?!
#3 · Posted: 13 Jan 2005 13:04
I got a copy as a Christmas present. It's not a particularly interesting story and it is most definitely NOT Tintin, though it is worth having for a die-hard collector.
#4 · Posted: 20 Jan 2005 02:52
Well, let's just say that I was absolutely DISGUSTED with that rubbish- that man is not Tintin, and I can't believe people would write things like that under his name.

#5 · Posted: 20 Jan 2005 06:18
Adult themes: mention of a character being a lesbian, alcohol and drug abuse, gangs, coarse language, blood, revolting against authority.

Calm down Juvenile, it's not legal Tintin. I thought it was interesting and miles better than Tintin and the New World (snore city).
#6 · Posted: 20 Jan 2005 09:33
It's definitely not Tintin. Captain Haddock is not Tintin's uncle, definitely.
#7 · Posted: 21 Jan 2005 01:33
I thought it was interesting and miles better than Tintin and the New World

Yes, I suppose it was more interesting (in a way), but at least 'The New World,' had content.

#8 · Posted: 26 Jan 2005 23:35
What a heap of stinking rubbish. As well as being totally confused about how strikes work, condoning theft and violence, it is also dangerously misleading about AIDS. I find it hard to believe Amazon would sell this mess of a 'book'. Hopefully someone will 'parody' it by inserting some pages with corrections :o)
#9 · Posted: 25 Feb 2005 03:26
Very different from normal Tintin books, isn't it?!!?!

It's rather long, too...Not to mention that it contains violence and language that Herge would never use...
#10 · Posted: 19 May 2005 03:39
Well, I got a chance to read "Breaking Free." Quoting Mr. Spock..."Fascinating".......

I was not that shocked by it since I already had an inkling of what it might be like from comments in the forum.

Captain Haddock came closest to being in character. He is probably my favorite character in the real Tintin series. He comes across as being a flawed person with a good heart. In "Breaking Free" he is at his best when he has taken charge. This is similar to his persona in the real series. He is usually in his element when he is aboard ship (The Karaboudjan and jumping into the water without his diving helmet in "Red Rackham's Treasure" not withstanding).

Tintin, on the other hand, seems to have a minor role in "Breaking Free." The only real similarity to the real series is that he is fearless.

This makes me wonder. If one believes that we are at least partially shaped by our environments, is it possible that the Tintin in "Breaking Free" is an example of what would have happened to him if he had grown up in an environment "opposite" the one he (hypothetically) grew up in to become the Tintin of the series that we all admire so much?

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