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Esteve Fort: Tintin drinking whisky in a bar

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#21 · Posted: 7 Oct 2010 12:31

More than 10 years ago, I was in a bar in St. Marine (France), and they had a poster of a beautiful painting on the wall, showing Tintin sad, smoking & drinking.

I fell in love with it, and was wondering whether anybody here can help me locating one?

I would appreciate any help/directions - it would make me very happy!

Thanks in advance,

Moderator Note: You will see that the picture you describe has already been discussed here, so your post has been moved to this thread.

While we can discuss such unofficial images, we have to be very careful not to infringe on anyone's copyright, and therefore we don't allow information to be given out about where to obtain such pictures.

The Happy Tintinologist Team
#22 · Posted: 15 Sep 2017 23:23
25 years ago before I moved to the US, I bought a drawing of Tintin, Hadock and Milou (snowy) all sad and drunk at a bar with the newspaper reading that Hergé had died.

I think it was by a Spanish artist, done as an homage to Hergé.
The poster was large and I guess it was a reproduction of an original color pencil drawing.

I lost the poster during one of the many moves and have never been able to find it online. If someone has a link to it, I'd be happy to just see it again online.


Moderator Note: Welcome! You'll see if you read this thread to which your post has been moved that this is a topic which has come up before.
However, due to our policy on not giving out information on where or how to obtain non-official works, we can't offer you advice about finding it, or links to where you can see it.
We hope you understand.
The Tintinologist Team
#23 · Posted: 13 Oct 2017 20:33
Hello! I've trying to track down a print of this painting from the 1000x that were made in 1983. I've seen many different kind of prints but I never knew what the original prints look like. The logos and marks at the bottom of the print seem to be in different places so I guess there are "re-print-prints" out there. I don't want to pay for a "fake". Any help? Thanks!

Aren't the 1000 copy prints "official"? I'm sorry if I'm discussing things that are not allowed. I have 0 knowledge about art or copyright what and whatnots.

Moderator Note: This is definitely a grey area; it seems that the original print was sanctioned, but no further copies approved, so the originals probably are "safe". However, they are scarce, and unofficial copies abound, so it's hard to separate them, and we really can't get involved in trying to make distinctions, so anyone who has information, please be absolutely certain that you are dealing with an original.

If you are really determined, you might be able to find an original print on eBay, but you may have to resort to trying one of the big sales that auction houses sometimes hold.
#24 · Posted: 26 Jul 2020 16:36
I got a poster of this fantastic bar scene in Cannes in 1990. It was in a bar on La Croisette on the wall, and I asked them where they got it. They directed me to a poster shop in rue des Etats-Unis in Cannes where I bought a copy. It's been on my wall ever since. I particularly like it because I was in Cannes working as a journalist and to me it shows Tintin as he would be if he really was a journalist or reporter, especially one from the 1980s. He's drinking; he's smoking; he's dishevelled; everybody is wisely keeping their distance; no one wants to talk to him; he's clearly slightly hungover; whatever time it is, it's already been a long day. The Tintin as the real journalist on the barstool is in stark contrast to the Tintin as the ideal journalist in the image in the newspaper on the floor.

Not only that, there's Snowy who's saying, "It's all very well you having a drink - again, but oi, where's my dinner?"

Brilliant. While it makes you enjoy the pastiche, you also enjoy the original even more.

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