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Le Journal Tintin: R.I.P. Yves Duval

#1 · Posted: 23 May 2009 22:23
Moved from the thread 22nd May: Don't Forget about Hergé's birthday!

Yves Duval passed away on Hergé's birthday - and, in view of his connection with the Journal Tintin, this is a touching coincidence.

His recently published book - 55 Ans dans les bulles - contains some good Hergé-related material (including a few interviews) and is well worth tracking down.

Moderator Note:
Thanks for spotting this and mentioning it, luinivierge2010; given the significance of his time with the Journal, it seemed only fitting to give this sad news its own thread. The team, and members would like to extend sympathies to his family.

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