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Tintin murals

#1 · Posted: 1 Sep 2012 13:02
There's this guy who has been painting scenes of the Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon tennis tournament and the 2012 Olympics on the gate of his house.

He has even made one of Tintin in the style of the recent movie. Here's the page, just scroll down a bit and you should find it.

Note to moderators: No, I do not think he asked permission from the copyright holders before painting that Tintin scene, but humour me on this one just this once! After all, if the Daily Mail of all papers thinks that it is OK to publish the picture then it should be fine. There is such a thing as the fair use of copyrighted materials.
#2 · Posted: 3 Sep 2012 02:28
if the Daily Mail of all papers thinks that it is OK to publish the picture then it should be fine.

If the Daily Mail thinks that is it OK to publish the picture then it should be fine--to post a link to the newspaper article here, yes. However, if we were dealing with a page/site that showcases (possibly) unauthorised Tintin works, it would not be fine by our policy/rules to post a link to the images/page/site here.

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