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BBC History Magazine: Tintin 'parody' (sort of)

#1 · Posted: 22 Dec 2004 13:37
The January 2005 (vol 6 no 1) issue of BBC History Magazine has Tintin featured in the 3-panel 'Counterfactual' strip by Felix Bennett (page 97).
#2 · Posted: 21 Jan 2005 23:02
The strip has been added to our 'Spot Tintin in Magazines' list.
Harrock n roll
#3 · Posted: 22 Jan 2005 01:05
Looks interesting! Can anyone tell us more on the context of this strip?
#4 · Posted: 22 Jan 2005 09:47
No idea whatsoever, Chris! The phrase 'Felix Bennett is passing into history' seems to be a reference to the fact that, I think, this was the artist's last strip in the magazine. Maybe the strip is a hidden message to the editors as its theme is related to unemployment.

www.felixbennett.com - I really like the way he's done his online portfolio.

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