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The Rainbow Orchid: Special French collector’s edition of "L’Orchidée Arc-en-ciel"

#1 · Posted: 27 Feb 2013 23:43
Garen Ewing, long-time member of Tintinologist, designer of our logo, and author of the three-volume The Rainbow Orchid (the first saga in his series of “The Adventures of Juius Chancer”), has announced that there is to be a special version of the French translation of the albums, issued by the specialist BD Must site, in an edition of 1,000 numbered and signed sets.

Each collector pack will be comprised of the three volumes of L’Orchidée Arc-en-ciel in hard-back, and each book will come with a special signed and numberd book-plate unique to this edition (there is a different plate design in each of the three books).

Furthermore, the books will come with a special 16-page booklet, a dossier derived from the Rainbow Orchid Supplement, which Garen released through his web-site last year, as a companion to the series, containing behind-the-scenes information about the creation of the adventure. This too will be numbered.

This prestiege item will be available from March from the BD Must site, at a cost of €69.
Postage to France and Belgium is €9; although it doesn’t say on the order page, I checked with Jean-Michel at BD Must, and the postage to the U.K. will be €20, and to Australia €70 (I imagine that postage to most other places will lie somewhere between nine and 70 Euros!).

It’s great news that Garen’s book is getting such treatment, from a company which specializes in promoting the works of some of the best comic-artists (take a look at their list, and the special signed editions of prints and books which they have, and you will see what I mean!)!

Let’s hope this is just the first in a series of Julius Chancer special editions!
Colonel Jorgen
#2 · Posted: 28 Feb 2013 11:40
Well done to Garen for getting it into French, he's really cracked a big market and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy either!

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