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The Goldbug Variation

#1 · Posted: 16 Jun 2013 22:49
I thought fellow Tintinologists might be interested in this ligne-claire album ... it's called Daisy and the Goldbug Variation and it's by Trevor and Eileen Green. Here's a little review I wrote:


Best - Garen
#2 · Posted: 4 Jul 2013 18:03
I too read this album. My review of the same will soon be featured in Rebecca's Read- e-zine. I shall post the review over here- as soon as it is officially published.
A good read-Herge would be proud of the authors Armitage & Green
#3 · Posted: 11 Jul 2013 07:19
Here's my review- check out the same in the forthcoming issue of Rebeccas'Reads e-zine.

There is a new Asterix album coming out later this year; and preproduction work has already started for a new Tintin movie. Asterix and Tintin have influence many an artist-illustrator across the world- and there have been many aspiring writers and illustrators who wanted to capture the charm and enigma of these two characters into their works. More often than not- most of these albums became poor pastiches and nothing more was heard from the said authors.
And when I got copy of "Daisy and the Goldbug Variation"; I had a trepidation- is this going to be a Tintin pastiche? There is a Colonel who provides ample scope for humour and there is also an issue of a castle being lost from its rightful heir? My thoughts raced to Herge's Captain Haddock and his Marlinspike Hall. But thankfully the similarity ended over there and the album proved to be a real visual treat.
We are introduced to Daisy, a girl in her teens who is already a world renowned detective. She and her brother Co have come to spend their holidays with Colonel Boulder at Tynmold Castle, Scotland. Her presence is not welcomed by some nefarious characters. Daisy soon comes into contact with a scientist Boffin who is working on a formula to sort of harvest gold from a species of krill which dolphins eat. It seems that the scientist has coded the secret of this formula in a music disk called Goldbug Variation. And when the said disk falls into wrong hands- its upto Daisy, Co. and Colonel Boulder to save the day. And do they succeed. Its upto you to find it out.
The artwork is simply astounding - there is a natural flow from panel to panel and same deserves accolades. As a start of a fresh series; the authors have done their homework. Daisy is already introduced as a detective who has already rustled up a few feathers. Colonel Boulder is another endearing character and am sure will be part of future albums. So let's welcome the Nancy Drew of comic albums and looking forward to future Daisy adventures including the upcoming "The Souvlaki Mechanism".
#4 · Posted: 23 Jul 2013 00:20
Goldbug Variation? It sounds like a pun from Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variation.

I only saw your review on your web and the website, it has a Hergean feeling indeed, but with a different drawing style. Perhaps one day I'll give a try for it.

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