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Tintin Meets the Dragon Queen in the Return of the Maya to Manhattan

#1 · Posted: 4 Aug 2014 23:17
Just stumbled upon this curious title when I was browsing the catalogue of a popular Autralian online games/books/music/movies store:

"Tintin Meets the Dragon Queen in The Return of the Maya to Manhattan" by Alain Arias-Misson.
Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: Black Scat Books (September 15, 2013)
ISBN: 0615865380

Has anyone read the book--any thoughts to share?
#2 · Posted: 5 Aug 2014 04:44
Seems to be a novel-length fanfic to me. Wouldn't Moulinsart be after him already?

I read the first few pages using the "Look Inside" feature of Amazon and the writing style is totally not my thing -- heavily stylized and literary, huge long paragraphs, meandering. Even the appearance of Tintin fails to excite me.

Apparently this kind of literary style remains popular in Europe but it does nothing for me :(

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