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Lego Marlinspike

#1 · Posted: 21 Jan 2015 05:45
As an avid Tintin fan, I've been having fun building Marlinspike out of lego and adding as much detail as possible. I am interested in any suggestions of details given in the books that I could add!

[Link removed]

Obviously it's a long shot, since the license might be hard to come by, but Tintin in lego would be MARVELLOUS!

So far, I'm working on a chandelier to add, the shark sub to go in the cellar, and adding some vines outside Castafiore's blue bedroom. Any other ideas?


Moderator note:
Hello Emnewt. A warm welcome to our forums. We're sorry, but we've had to remove the link you posted to photos of your lego model, as we can't allow links to unofficial fan art, or any info or suggestions on where to find fan art. We realise that this can seem a shame, especially when fans have put as much work and enthusiasm into their projects as you clearly have, and we realise that web-publishing pictures of a lego marlinspike model may not seem as much like a copyright-infringing activity as, say, web-publishing your own unofficial Tintin stories or comics. But as far as the law goes, photos of your model would still count as unofficial fan art , and we have to keep the site absolutely above board in this respect in order to keep it running and out of trouble with Tintin's copyright holders. We hope that you understand, and that you'll be able to enjoy participating generally in these forums.
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