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"Jagga Jasoos" Movie: Inspired by Tintin?

#1 · Posted: 14 Jul 2017 17:17
The 2017 Hindi movie Jagga Jasoos (meaning Jagga Detective) is inspired by Tintin.
Please see the hairdo of the lead actor.
The director admits that he was a die-hard fan of Tintin during his childhood.
#2 · Posted: 15 Jul 2017 13:21
Please see the hairdo of the lead actor.

He really reminds me far more of Harry Potter than Tintin to look at - his hair has a sort of quiff (which isn't that unusual), but not in a way that says "Belgian Boy Detective" to me.

The film trailer looks quirky fun, and there are obvious parallels in the action with the Tintin books and movie (the old biplane, and the zip-wire stunt especially), but the actor's hair? Not a strong link.
And again, the school scenes, and the lead's glasses, made me think Harry Potter.
UK Correspondent
#3 · Posted: 16 Jul 2017 10:58
More-so than Tintin, I was getting a real feeling of Spirou & Fantasio under André Franquin, especially the jungle elements with the cheetah cubs and the elephants, the circus with the lead being strapped to the knife-thrower's wheel etc.
The humour feels a different shade to that of Tintin. In fact, that trailer feels more Spirouesque to me than the publicity photos of the actual Spirou movie currently in production (I'll reserve judgement until I've actually seen it, though). In the article the director talks about the adventure stories and comics he read growing up – could Spirou have been one of them?

(Incidentally, the romance bits of the trailer remind me a little of Gaston Lagaffe and M'oiselle Jeanne – also by Franquin!)

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