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"Mysteries of the Quantum Universe" by Thibault Damour & Mathieu Burniat

#1 · Posted: 24 Sep 2019 07:31
Just to liven things up...

Has anybody else got a copy of Mysteries of the Quantum Universe?

It's by Thibault Damour (a physicist) and Mathieu Burniat (a cartoonist) and translated from the original French by Sarah-Louise Raillard, is published by Particular Books - a subsidary of Penguin Random House - and is, as can be guessed by the title, a quite entertaining history of quantum physics with, incidentaly, a long glossary.

It is also quite simple to see that the artwork has been inspired by Tintin - which is (obviously) why I'm posting about it!

For instance, it opens with a Voyage to the Moon by a certain Bob and Rick, the latter being a dog (this is the end of the major spoilers, in case anybody is wondering...). There is also a visual Tintin in Tibet reference on page 10, and a remake of the cover of The Black Island on page 62.

Probably available in your local bookstore.

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