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That Man from Rio / L'homme de Rio (1964 movie)

#1 · Posted: 11 May 2005 01:36
Has anyone ever seen this movie, made in the 1950s and supposedly based around "The Broken Ear"? A friend told me about, but she didn't seem to know much more. Is it really a Tintin movie, or something else? How good is it and how faithful is it to the Tintinverse?
#2 · Posted: 11 May 2005 03:48
That Man From Rio was made in the early 1960s and it has many elements from the Broken Ear in it, but it isn't a Tintin movie. I thought the English dubbed version was great and they did well with a very low budget. The original French version with English subtitles is good but I found it to be nowhere near as good or funny as the English dub.
Its an adventure/thriller but its not really part of the Tintinuniverse, so I can't say how faithful it is.
But see it if you can!
#3 · Posted: 13 Apr 2007 05:53
I was thinking about this movie the other day and decided to resurrect this thread. For those who haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It stars Jean Paul Belmondo and was clearly inspired by Tintin with it's mix of adventure and slapstick.

#4 · Posted: 23 Apr 2015 12:41
I must have missed this when it was announced last year, but That Man From Rio has been lovingly restored and remastered, and now (from what I have seen in the trailer at least) looks stunning.

In addition to the much talked about references to The Broken Ear, you can see tips of the hat to Congo, Black Island, America, King Ottokar's Sceptre, and just about any adventure where blokes with guns wearing fedoras point guns at our hero!

Watch the trailer here.

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