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Exhibition: Kuifje in Barcelona/ Tintin in Barcelona

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#1 · Posted: 18 May 2004 16:14
I have been to the Lambiek Bookshop in Amsterdam, where I bought an amazing book (all in Dutch though) of a 1986 art exhibtion in Barcelona. The exhibition was a collection of paintings and prints which paid hommage to Hergé and his creation Tintin.
#2 · Posted: 18 May 2004 16:44
Was that book 'Nous Tintin'? I have a large format book with a Keith Haring cover that is full of Tintin inspired paintings and illustrations published by Editions du Lion in 1987.
#3 · Posted: 18 May 2004 19:44
No the book is called Kuifje in Barcelona, Hommage aan Hergé, which translates as Tintin in Barcelona, a hommage to Hergé and is the exhibition book to the exhibition The Imaginary Museum of Tintin, which was held in the Miro institute in 1986.

As I cannot read Dutch I would like to get it translated, as it has a particular section in the back that from the pictures i presume concentrates on the more unusual and sureal scenes such as the dream and hallucination scenes from Herge's work. It is frustrating not being able to read it.

The artists contributions are amazing and often bizarre, with crazy paintings of Tintin with Snowy's head, and parody designs of mock Tintin book covers. Artists and Illustrators from all over the world contributed and the outcome was quite astronomical.
#4 · Posted: 19 May 2004 09:37
I found a link with some of the images from a book Nous Tintin - I'd be interested to know if any of these artworks appear in Kuifje in Barcelona, Hommage aan Hergé as well, just because I'm wondering if the books are related. they sound similar, but might be completely different.

UPDATE: Forgive me answering my own question, but I did a search, and the Barcelona book is quite different from Nous Tintin. Looks good!
#5 · Posted: 19 May 2004 12:19
Nous Tintin looks very interesting! Some of those artworks are great and others are just wacky!
#6 · Posted: 21 May 2004 11:59
Nous Tinitin’ looks very interesting, I especially liked the Hieronymous Bosch parody, as his work, Herge’s and underground comix have always fascinated me. There are so many Tintin parody and information about them but they are never translated into English. I have ‘Breaking Free’, and now wish to pursue more. Does anyone know where I can buy any? I have a good collection of Books on Tintin and Herge, and wish to enhance my (English) collection. Why are there so many untranslated book on Tintin. Whenever I go to the continent I see lots of books I would buy….Maybe I should just learn French!!!
Moderator Emeritus
#7 · Posted: 22 May 2004 00:52
Maybe I should just learn French!!!

Seriously, that's probably your best bet if you're planning to have a large Tintin collection. :P

In Australia, we can't even get French copies of the books (except online).

But those Barcelona pictures are interesting, if wacky.

#8 · Posted: 6 Jun 2004 18:35
Rastapopoulos wants 'Kuifje in Barcelona' translated.
I have the book and I am Dutch so maybe I can be helpfull.
Which part do you mean exactly, Rasta?
Big Ren
#9 · Posted: 6 Jun 2004 23:18
'Kuifje in Barcelona, Hommage aan Herge' was also published in French by Casterman in 1984 (which is the edition I have). Same cover, title is: Fondation Joan Miro - Hommage a Herge.
#10 · Posted: 7 Jun 2004 16:08
Hi Trifonious!
I really would like to be able to read the back pages of Kuifje in Barcelona, i dont really know what they are about but there are Stills from various adventures. I think there are bits about the dream and hallucination scenes which i would like you to translate if you could, that would be most helpfull.

many thanks !!!

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