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Exhibition: Kuifje in Barcelona/ Tintin in Barcelona

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#21 · Posted: 11 Jun 2004 21:13
Hello Rastapopoulos, here's the next one:

(p. 52 -1)

In Tintin's adventures we see from 'Cigars of the Pharaoh' the mysterious images entering the books. The what's-after-death-theme was very appropriate, and thus we see Tintin awakening at dawn at full sea, after a sleep as deep as death, still alive and getting on drift in a sarcophagus which serves both as a new cradle and as a lifeboat.
By this birth in mystery Hergé had united death and awakening, dawn and shipwreck in one picture. In the same album we read the following words of Tintin: "The sun is rising. It's finished. My last hope has gone".
#22 · Posted: 14 Jun 2004 12:22
Thanks trifonius! Its very interesting stuff indeed! Do you think Herge was consciously using this symbolism in his work? Its a intriguing analysis the author is giving us.

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