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Q218: Tintin vulgarities

#1 · Posted: 11 May 2007 15:48
Well, a great previous question that got all of us baffled. Well, here's one that would be easy. Spot all 4 times that Tintin said a VULGAR word. Well, this requires close attention to the text.

Clue: I'm refering to Tintin saying vulgarities, not Haddock, Snowy or Calculus.
#2 · Posted: 11 May 2007 16:20 · Edited by: tuhatkauno
Albums are full of them.

Prisoners, 18, Brute!
Black Gold, , 11, Beast!
714, 19, Murderes, devils!
Explorers, 11, Be quiet!

and many many more

I don't know, if these are vulgarities. If police says Murderer or your girl Beast... :-)
#3 · Posted: 11 May 2007 16:39
Well, not that quite, tuhatkano. Words refering to rebellion are not vulgarities. The Explorers on The Moon answer you gave is not a vulgarity. I will take in your answer for Flight 714. I mean, your answer for Flight 714 vulgarities are correct.
#4 · Posted: 11 May 2007 17:01 · Edited by: Ranko
Sorry to disagree, tintinspartan, but murderers and devils are no more vulgarities than the other examples given by tuhatkauno. Please provide your definition of vulgar to clarify. We may get into a situation where we have vastly differing opinions on what constitutes a vulgarity.

#5 · Posted: 11 May 2007 17:43
Ok. It's related to common vulgarities used by mordern society like the 'i' word or that 'f' word. Hint: Tintin once said a vulgarity in
Tintin In Tibet.
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#6 · Posted: 11 May 2007 18:07

In the first place, everybody has their own idea of what constitutes 'vulgarity'. I'm afraid your question just isn't objective enough.

Secondly, it's only fair to wait for a judgement on the previous question before posting a new one.

#7 · Posted: 12 May 2007 00:21
I'm afraid your question just isn't objective enough.
I agree here - I’m afraid that it is just too wide ranging! Look on it if nothing else from the point of view of the fact that a person would have to read and evaluate every word uttered by Tintin in every one of the books in order to be able to answer it. Add to that that a question setter really shouldn’t ask for more than three instances of an answer where there are more than three examples available, and this really is too tall an order… sorry, but tintinspartan is down a point.

At this stage in the game it is becoming harder and harder to moderate this thread, and it should be straightforward and fun for all. It hasn’t been possible to award points for any of the last three questions, and two points have been removed - not a good situation, and it isn’t nice to have to deduct anyone’s points.

So, just to give things a bit of a shake-up, and to get some new blood into the game the floor is open to anyone who has not asked a question in the last four weeks to think up a nice, straightforward, non-controversial question, with a distinct answer…

Let’s give someone a point for a change!!

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