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Q219: Something rather unusual to see

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#1 · Posted: 12 May 2007 02:36 · Edited by: waveofplague
Hey, here's something good that comes out of having to stay home on a Friday night because you have to be at work early on Saturday. I'm posting my first trivia question!

I'll make it easy, just for the sake of not being controversial and also because I'm feeling lazy.

Name me one (there may be more than one but there is DEFINITELY at least one) instance in which Thomson suffers and Thompson does not.

Just say the book and the scene. Don't worry about page numbers; mine probably aren't the same anyway.
#2 · Posted: 12 May 2007 04:07
Page 51 - Red Rackham's Treasure

One of them is in the water floundering about, upside down.
#3 · Posted: 12 May 2007 06:40 · Edited by: tintinspartan
To be precise, he meant that Thomson was upsidedown because he forgot his weighted boots and Thompson was responsible for not reminding him and then Haddock reminded Thompson(Red Rackham Treasure)

I'm not sure of The Blue Lotus because Thomson suffers a nose injury when he fell of the train arriving from Shanghai. Thompson just never suffers in the following 2 pages and got the same injury when he chased the derparting train, which was boarded by Tintin, Snowy and Chang. He fall off the platform.

Well, your question could have 2 answers but not sure.
#4 · Posted: 12 May 2007 08:28
Hi plaguewich

This is funny, Thomson gets his ass burnt with a mangifying glass. (Unicorn, 29)

I know what I'm talking about, I am from a country of millions saunas. We say to tourists "Welcome to freezy Finland to burn your bum with a sauna oven!" And they do, then we beat them up with birchbrances. If you are very lucky, the sauna oven brand "Tylo" is burnt in your bottom, but unfortunately it is written backward olyT. We call them olyT-guys, they are rarities and nationally highly respected. Wave, it's worth of experiencing. :-)
#5 · Posted: 12 May 2007 11:48
OK, I think the point and turn should go to toydreamer. That was not the scene I had in mind, but it works. The scene I had in mind was BLACK GOLD, the scene when Thomson gets out of the car while it's in motion and gets scraped up!

I say, tintinspartan, you should get a point just for saying "to be precise," but it's not my decision.

Poor kauno, you weren't quick enough with your answer, and anyway you confused the Thompsons. It is actually Thompson, not Thomson, whose ass is burned. It's OK, I suspect you have been in the sauna all day and your brain is sizzling. Hey, my next sauna experience will come today, and I promise to be brave. I think you should get half a point for the clever "freezy," but again it's not up to me. :)

Sorry if this message makes no sense; it's 6 in the morning here and I'm tired.
#6 · Posted: 12 May 2007 12:09 · Edited by: tuhatkauno
Hello, wait a minute

How is it after all? I think that Thomson has a curved moustashe and Thompson has a srtait moustache. If so I'm correct if not toydreamer and tintinpsartan are correct.


Take a look at the address. Hey waveofplague, toydreamer and tintinspartan or someone else, who has an opinion, could you give a comment.

My brain is sizzling all the time that'a why I have these communication problems. :-)
#7 · Posted: 12 May 2007 14:23 · Edited by: waveofplague
I apologize!! That's what I get for trying to deal with this at 6am when I haven't had any coffee.

OK, unless I'm very much mistaken for a second time, tuhatka is correct. It was I who had the Thompsons confused, and for crying out loud, they're my favorites! I hope this doesn't count as new controversy. I say, one point to the Finn!

Hey, Finn, soon I will be in a sauna.

Again, I apologize for being half-asleep and confused. I'm going out of town at present and won't be able to check tintinologist very often but hopefully we are resolved and saunaman gets to set the next Q.

EDIT: And just for the record, I selected the Q's title, "Something rather unusual to see," because it's rather rare for one Twin to get injured and the other to escape unscathed.
#8 · Posted: 12 May 2007 14:36
I'll set a new question in the evening. There is time to dicuss if somebody wants.

Finland wooooooooooooooooon Russians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-1

We are in Final. Sweden we are waiting. :-)
#9 · Posted: 12 May 2007 14:44
Now I'm going to go to sauna and start getting ready for tomorrow. And Wave good sauna evening to you too. Don't get burned and beware of the saunaelf behind the oven. :-)
#10 · Posted: 12 May 2007 17:12
Hang on. Didn't Toydreamer give a correct answer first, and doesn't that answer still stand? He didn't get the two Thom(p)sons muddled up because he didn't specify which one was doing which thing (and I don't think his answer needed to under the terms of the question).

Tuhatkauno may have been right to correct tintinspartan's expansion on Toydreamer's answer, but I don't see how this affects the correctness of Toydreamer's original answer. Or am I missing something?

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