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Q247: Monarchy

#1 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 20:30 · Edited by: maxmordon
When does three kings and a doge of Venace are mentioned at the same time in a Tintin book?

They are mentioned in the same page. Which page and which frames are they mentioned? and who are the ones mentioned?
#2 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 21:07 · Edited by: tuhatkauno

Sceptre, 2

EDIT: Sorry I had to dig up my English edition. I'm bit confused, but here we go. In finnish edition there are three kings Ludvig Pyhä, Kaarle Suuri, Ottokar IV

in English:

Edward the Confessor
Ottokar IV

Gradenigo (doge)
#3 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 21:09 · Edited by: maxmordon
Yep, your turn Tuhatkauno. You only have to mention them
#4 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 21:20
He, he, when answering I was reading Finnish edition and it caused me some problems. I was editing my answer while you posted your comment. Now everything is ok:)
#5 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 21:24
Don't worry, I have the Spanish version and in that one the other king is Saint Louis, who was king of France.

Go ahead and do your question
#6 · Posted: 5 Jun 2007 21:26
Got to love the word Doge! Brought to mind the classic Danny Kaye file "The Court Jester"

King Roderick: The Duke. What did the Duke do?
Hubert Hawkins: Eh... the Duke do?
King Roderick: Yes. And what about the Doge?
Hubert Hawkins: Oh, the Doge!
King Roderick: Eh. Well what did the Doge do?
Hubert Hawkins: The Doge do?
King Roderick: Yes, the Doge do.
Hubert Hawkins: Well, uh, the Doge did what the Doge does. Eh, uh, when the Doge does his duty to the Duke, that is.
King Roderick: What? What's that?
Hubert Hawkins: Oh, it's very simple, sire. When the Doge did his duty and the Duke didn't, that's when the Duchess did the dirt to the Duke with the Doge.
King Roderick: Who did what to what?
Hubert Hawkins: Oh, they all did, sire. There they were in the dark; the Duke with his dagger, the Doge with his dart, Duchess with her dirk.
King Roderick: Duchess with her dirk?
Hubert Hawkins: Yes! The Duchess dove at the Duke just when the Duke dove at the Doge. Now the Duke ducked, the Doge dodged, and the Duchess didn't. So the Duke got the Duchess, the Duchess got the Doge, and the Doge got the Duke!
King Roderick: Curious. I... I... hm? What? What's that? All I heard was that the Duchess had a siege of rheumatism. She's 83, you know.

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