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Blake & Mortimer: Hergé named?

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#11 · Posted: 5 Feb 2007 09:30
From the blow up of the scan, it may look a bit like "Cie" (the abbreviation for "Compagnie", so equivalent to "Cº" for "Company) than anything else.
However, I really do think that it's "Cº", with the dot or bar beneath the super-script "o" just on a level with the roof of the blue car...
#12 · Posted: 6 Feb 2007 17:49
Harrock n roll
Unfortunately I can't find the reference that led me to believe Jacobs contributed to the re-worked Cigars

In Hergé, by the end of Chapter 6 (1940-1944), Assouline mentions that after re-working on Congo, Hergé and Jacobs started it with Cigars, Lotus and Ottokar's Sceptre.

Later, at about 1/3 of Chapter 9 (1950-1958), the author mentions - among others - the removal of the serpents scene from Cigars, and the redrawing of all this album's planes, the latter by Jacques Martin (at the time of the Studios).

Thus the definitive Cigars actually seems to be the work of Hergé, Jacobs and Martin.
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#13 · Posted: 6 Feb 2007 18:05
It sounds like Jacobs started to work on the aborted 1946 re-working of Cigars - an extract from the first page is reproduced in the Making of Tintin book. But on this evidence I couldn't say that he'd had anything to do artistically with the modern 1955 version.

I believe it's also in the relevant volume of the Œuvre Integrale de Hergé series by Rombaldi, though I don't have that to hand at the moment. The commentary is by Benoît Peeters.

Harrock n roll
#14 · Posted: 6 Feb 2007 22:34
You can also see it in Hergé: Chrononlogie d'un Œuvre 4 (1939-1943).
It contains the page found in the Making of book, which is actually just a schematic for the layout with cut-outs from the Petit Vingtième pages.

But it does have a previously unpublished extract from the abandoned Cigars - an interesting attempt to recreate the naive style of the earlier version. The book also includes the inks and colouring for the redrawn colour cover to the b/w Cigars and a nice colour image used for a jigsaw puzzle.
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#15 · Posted: 6 Feb 2007 23:01
You should also look for Hergé: Chrononlogie d'un Œurvre 4 (1939-1943)

Do you have the page reference? I had a quick look earlier but must have missed it.

Harrock n roll
#16 · Posted: 7 Feb 2007 01:38
Do you have the page reference?

With pleasure, Ed!
It was page 390 for the schematics and 394 for the unpublished Cigars strip.

I think the 1943 hieroglyphs (in the jigsaw image on page 333 and the earlier cover p.241, etc) are far less detailed compared to the 1955 version. However, you get the sense that the 1943 drawings had more Hergé input and, although I'm sure for the later edition Hergé sketched it out and had final say, the later details were quite likely filled in by someone else at the studio.

It would be nice if it really was Jacobs (he seems the obvious candidate), but I suppose it could have been any of the designers that worked for Hergé in c.1955.

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