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cigars of the beeper
#1 · Posted: 6 Mar 2008 18:14
Hi everyone,
my brother has become the author of a webcomic. I thought that you all might be interested in it, because he was partly influenced by Herge (He likes Tintin too, but not enough to be a member here.) It is kind of like an alternate history, where airships are a common means of shipping and conveyance. The current storyline follows Neil Raven, the pilot on the airship. I suppose Balthazar, being a cartoonist might be especially interested in it. If you wish to tell him what you think of it, I think on his page he has a button you can click on to send him an email. I think he would love some feedback. The story has not really picked up yet, but that is because he needs to introduce all of his characters first. A new page of the comic is put up each week, just like how a new page of Tintin used to appear in "Le Petit Vingtieme" each week. So, check it out.
#2 · Posted: 6 Mar 2008 19:50
That's pretty cool. Awesome work your brother's done with the comic.

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