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The DFC - a new weekly comic

#1 · Posted: 18 May 2008 23:15
I admit that this post is a bit of a promotion, but also as information, and it's something I think some Tintinologist members may be interested in! So with apologies...

There is a new weekly comic coming out in the UK called 'The DFC' and it is doing something that hasn't been done for a long while in this country - a story-led comic for kids (and big kids). The main reason I thought to mention it here is that I think it has quite a European feel to it, and is slightly reminiscent of 'Tintin Magazine'. Quite different from the zany humour of the current childrens' weeklies and also a change from the prevalent licensed character publications.

If you want to know more, there is a website at www.thedfc.co.uk. It is a subscription-only comic to begin with, but has a big publisher behind it - Random House. There is an offer on the subscription but only for a couple more days:


It has a mix of humour and adventure stories, and is available to international readers too - though I guess the cost goes up quite a bit :-(

The publisher, David Fickling is an admirer of Tintin and that kind of adventure in general - so could bode well for that kind of thing! Be interested to know what people think of it.

All best - Garen.
John Sewell
#2 · Posted: 21 May 2008 15:45
Thanks for the heads up Garen :) Looks interesting -are you doing anything for it? I've taken the plunge and got a couple of subscriptions, one for myself and another as a surprise for my nephew.

I hope it's a success - it's quite sobering to realise that of all the dozens of childrens' comics of my youth, the Beano, and in a different sort of way, 2000ad, are now the only survivors since the Dandy went 'Xtreme' (ugh!) Let's hope that DFC can capture the attention of today's kids and get a foothold.
#3 · Posted: 22 May 2008 00:08
I agree John - will kids still read comics? Ones with stories in? The DFC is going to answer that question - fingers crossed it's a yes.

Yes, I will be in it, but my story will not start until somewhere around the 13th week - so a short way off.

I really hope your nephew likes it. (And you too!) :-)
John Sewell
#4 · Posted: 16 Jun 2008 23:04
The first couple of issues have arrived in their stripey envelopes, but no. 3 didn't come last Friday, and still hasn't been delivered today. I hope everything's all right, as I was impressed with the contents so far. More importantly, so was young Will. He told me that he liked having to read it "like a book" to understand what was going on in some of the strips! He's also been whipping up support with his friends at school - a few other subscriptions ain't going to hurt!
#5 · Posted: 19 Jun 2008 20:41
Glad to hear you and yours' are enjoying it, John. Hope issue 3 has arrived by now - I have heard of a few late deliveries - all down to the Post Office, I'm afraid. The PO's service is mostly excellent, but there are bound to be a handful of strays. Do contact the DFC through their website if you have probs - I've heard of other people being given a rapid response to lost issues!

Apparently subs are increasing day by day. Great to hear your feedback, especially Will's - the target audience!

Very best - Garen
John Sewell
#6 · Posted: 13 Mar 2009 15:53
I was very sad to learn of the DFC's impending demise due to Random House pulling out, and even sadder for young William - Friday's become "DFC Day" for him, and he rushes back from school every week to get his fix!

Rumblings on the online grapevine seem to be suggesting that if a new publisher can be found, the DFC might be back in some shape or form. Let's hope so. I was hoping that the infamous "important news inside, chums!" announcement which heralded the end of many of my childhood favourites was one element of classic British comics which the DFC wouldn't be emulating... :(

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