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Terry and the Gunrunners series from New Zealand

#1 · Posted: 30 Aug 2004 21:29
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i used to have two copies of it Tintinrulz! i see it 2nd hand quite often, and also "Terry and the yodelling bull". i can keep an eye out and post back hear if i see it in my travels if you like?
#2 · Posted: 31 Aug 2004 00:53
Sounds great!
Do you live in New Zealand?, you must if its reasonably common there. I noticed Terry and the Yodelling Bull had Snowy at the showgrounds in it. I'm also interested in finding Terry and the Last Moa as the moa is my favourite bird (although it is extinct). If you ever see that one (not the bird, the comic) also please post back here. Thanks a heap!

Anyway, nestor I found this site has Terry and the Last Moa but they only post to NZ, darn:
#3 · Posted: 31 Aug 2004 02:05
i'm watching that auction myself!
"last moas" is not so common, but the other two pop up quite often, and usually quite cheap. postage to aussie is cheap too, so i'm sure we can arrange something.
they actually made a TV series of "terry and the gunrunners" in the 80s. but i remember being disappointed.
#4 · Posted: 29 Sep 2004 03:01
hey Tintinrulz. i've found a copy of terry and the gunrunners for $10NZ if you're interested. i'm not sure how we could do it, but let me know and i can grab it for you and post it, no problems.
#5 · Posted: 3 Oct 2004 08:10
Hey nestor, greetings from Australia. I would be very interested in purchasing 'Terry and the Gunrunners' from you if you wanted to sell it. I have been after the series now for a number of years and it would be great to own a copy and see it after so many years! Email me!

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