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R.I.P. Maurice Rosy (1927-2013): Writer for “Spirou” magazine

#1 · Posted: 26 Feb 2013 23:16 · Edited by: Moderator
Maurice Rosy died on the 23 February 2013.
Rosy was a writer who worked at "Spirou" magazine - "Tintin" magazine's main competitor - during the 1950s and 60s. He was the magazine's artistic director, working with editor Yvan Delporte.
He is best remembered for the series "Tif et Tondu" which he worked on with the artist Will (aka Willy Maltaite) and for which he created the mysterious villain Monsieur Choc. He also worked with Franquin on several "Spirou and Fantasio" stories.
Another series was "Bobo" ("Jaap" in Dutch), with the artist Paul Deliège, about a convict forever trying to escape from prison and always ending up back behind bars. Rosy himself drew a few stories.
Rosy retired from comics in the early 1970s, moved to France and worked in illustrating and advertising, contributing to newspapers and magazines like "Paris-Match". He is recognised as an important contributor to Belgian comics during its Golden Age in the 1950s and 60s.

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