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R.I.P. Pierre Seron (1942-2017)

#1 · Posted: 26 May 2017 19:13
It's been announced that Belgian comics artist Pierre Seron died on the 24 May 2017, aged 75.

Seron is best known for his comic series "Les Petits hommes" ("The Little Men"), the adventures of a community of tiny people similar to the Lilliputians of "Gulliver's Travels" or "The Borrowers". He used a style of drawing very similar to that of the popular Andre Franquin.

When I was growing up in France "Les Petits hommes" was one of my favourite series and I collected the albums almost as much as "Tintin" and "Asterix". I even got to meet Seron himself once at a comics exhibition in Paris and, when I brought one of his books, he drew a picture of one of his characters in it for me. I recall that he was a very pleasant and charming man.

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