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Comics in general: recommendations

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#1 · Posted: 19 Feb 2005 05:46
Hello everyone

Just wanted to find out what other comics you're all inspired by, I used to be an art snob when it came to comics (other than tintin of course) but there are some works out there that have pulled me into this world and I'm trying to find out more from other artists/fans around me

here are my recent "discoveries"

BLACKSAD- closest in style to Peter de Seve who does a lot of new Yorker covers and disney development art -
Each panel is a piece of art - very cinematic, moody, the drawings are drop dead gorgeous. I cant get enough of this one
Artist is Guarnido and the writer is Juan Diaz Canales - its a detective/thriller with anthropromorphic characters.

another one I highly recommend is the The BIG HOAX, (political drama/mystery) by Mandrafina/Trillo- amazing Black & white work

others artists include

-Claire Wendling

-Frezzatto (not to be confused with Frezzetta)
Keepers of maser series - his B/W sketchbook is great

-Didier Cromwell's (Anita Bomba books)

Anybody else?
#2 · Posted: 19 Feb 2005 08:30
I'm sorry, thmthm but I'm not as knowledgable when it comes to comics. I'm from the old school.

Whizzer and Chips

And of course for peurile entertainment...Viz.
(The UK folk will know what I'm talking about!)
#3 · Posted: 19 Feb 2005 13:11
Well, my favorite Western comics are (aside from Tintin):

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Sandman, the old thirties version
Superman: Red Son
Batman: Black and White
Asterix and Obelix

Mangawise I usually stick to Osamu Tezuka, the guy who did Astroboy and Black Jack. You can't go wrong with either of those series, and his other stuff like Buddha and Phoenix are supposed to be great too. Also I love the pulpy trashy feel of Senno Knife's "Mantis Woman," the Hino Horror series, and Junko Mizuno's morbid pop-art reimagining of some famous fairy tales.

[EDIT: Also Lupin III, Little Nemo the Dream Master and Krazy Kat.]
#4 · Posted: 19 Feb 2005 23:41
The New Kindaichi Case Files (detective manga)
Gun Smith Cats (manga)
Felix the Cat
Many of the old Disney comics including Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Scrooge and his nephews. And some newer ones like Duckwing Duck, Talespin and Duck Tales
#5 · Posted: 20 Feb 2005 04:26
A few years ago I used to read heaps of Lupin III and Gunsmith Cats. I haven't bought a comic for ages.
#6 · Posted: 20 Feb 2005 20:53
can you believe they actually have Shrek comic books now!?
#7 · Posted: 21 Feb 2005 04:10
None but TINTIN!!

Calvin and Hobbes came later and did not capture the consistent attention that I've always given to Tintin
UK Correspondent
#8 · Posted: 21 Feb 2005 19:59
Obviously Tintin comes first for me, but I'm also fond of (in no particular order) : Asterix, Gaston Lagaffe, Blake & Mortimer, Dilbert, Rudy Park, Peanuts, Blankets (a 600-page graphic novel by Craig Thompson).
#9 · Posted: 22 Feb 2005 04:46
Asterix, Gaston Lagaffe, Blake & Mortimer, Dilbert, Rudy Park, Peanuts, Blankets (a 600-page graphic novel by Craig Thompson).

Aren't some of these one-image cartoon images that appear on the daily newspaper? Do those count as comics? I didn't know that!

Still, there's Heathcliff and The Family Circus, but those are all newspaper comic strips, and none of them are as fun as Tintin...
#10 · Posted: 14 Mar 2005 15:47
As well as being a Tintin enthusiast, I am also a big fan of Comic books in general. If you’re into European stuff I’d recommend the new line of DC – Humanoids range,, especially the Freddy Lombard and bilal/christin stuff – Townscapes is well worth a read. These can be found at www.humanoids-publishing.com . On the American side I am a big fan of the Fantagraphics - www.fantagraphics.com, with artists such as Dan Clowes and Chris Ware being my favourites. Chris Ware use of ‘the clear line’ is astronomical, and his main character ‘Jimmy Corrigan’ even dons plus fours.
I’ve noticed that members of the cult are interested in independent comics, and if you haven’t brought a copy of our resident comic artist Garen’s ‘The Rainbow Orchid, I highly recommend you do so. I recently brought a copy of the ‘Disassociates’ online www.disassociates.co.uk , which is an independent British comic. I found the stories very amusing (very Viz-like though, not for kids), and one of the artists uses the clear-line technique very well. It’s worth a look if your into underground comics.

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