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R.I.P. Bob de Groot (1941-2023)

#1 · Posted: 18 Nov 2023 11:54
It has been announced that Belgian comics artist and writer Bob de Groot has died.

When I was growing up in France, his series "Leonard" was one of my favourites. This was the adventures of an inventor (inspired by Leonardo da Vinci) and his long-suffering assistant, or "Disciple". Leonard comes up with all sorts of inventions, the building and testing of which results in the Disciple ending up covered in injuries of all kinds. De Groot wrote the scripts and the series was drawn by Turk, pen-name of Philippe Liégeois.

Turk & De Groot's other work included "Robin Dubois", a parody of Robin Hood which was published in Tintin magazine. In this series, Robin would rob from the rich and spend the money on rounds of drinks at the local pub. Among the drinkers was the Sheriff of Nottingham, provided that he could get away from the castle and his disapproving wife and her rolling-pin!

Sadly, neither of these series have been published in English, but another, "Clifton", has been and is available at Amazon.

This detective series was originally created by Raymond Macherot for Tintin magazine and has continued to appear even after the weekly magazine ceased publication. Turk & De Groot's version made the stereotypical English Colonel more irascible and bad-tempered but he has still proven very popular.

De Groot also wrote scripts for the cowboy series "Lucky Luke" for the artist Morris after the death of Rene Goscinny.

Another great contributor to Belgian comics who should be better known in the English-speaking world passes on.
#2 · Posted: 20 Nov 2023 10:12
Sad news about a very funny man.
Sadly, neither of these series have been published in English

Léonard, which was published in Achille Talon magazine, did get a series of books in English from Dargaud International in the eighties (as Leonard, and I think there were four in total), and, as mentioned here, the Comic Aid charity volume also featured the character.
#3 · Posted: 4 May 2024 23:51
Léonard did get a series of books in English

Two of these English books are available digitally online:
At Izneo

and as Amazon Kindle:
Volume 1 - Leonardo the genius
Volume 2 - Leonardo is Still a Genius.

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