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London Tintin Shop: News, your shopper's experience, etc.

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#21 · Posted: 30 Aug 2006 11:47
I'm getting the 2007 Mini-Agenda (thanks for the link!)but not from the UK store. It's being shipped from Quebec. It is amazing how expensive some of this stuff is, but it's nice to have anyway.
It looks like it's cheaper from your store, Stas - so I might just be ordering things from there in the future!
#22 · Posted: 14 Sep 2006 22:22
I visited the shop in 1998. Great selection and friendly staff as I recall.
#23 · Posted: 16 Sep 2006 14:12
Why does the shop only open at 10am? I was unable to visit it on my last visit because of it.

#24 · Posted: 16 Sep 2006 18:37
i wish tintin shop was much more bigger sort of like 3 shops its size bigger and have sort of a cafe sort of place where you can try all the food tintin has tasted and sit and talk about tintin to fellow tintinoligists could turn it int a realy big thing.
Stas Werno
#25 · Posted: 16 Sep 2006 23:06
Jocko: all the shops open at 10 in covent garden,even opening at ten we dont get any customers for half hour, so it doesnt make business sense. Also opening earlier would coincide with rush hour, which isnt a good idea in london at all :/

number1fan: give us the money then ;) the owner was thinking of buying next door and turning it into a coffee shop at one point, but lack of funds will not allow. It is a great idea though, maybe when I win the lottery we can do it!
#26 · Posted: 17 Sep 2006 09:23
Thanks for the answer Stas! In Preston all shops open at 9am so I was surprised (and a little annoyed) that the Tintin Shop wasn't open - noted for future reference.

There's also no real need for a larger store, it'd still be the same merchandise spread out more, there's only so much stuff available

#27 · Posted: 17 Sep 2006 13:15
I was in there the other week buying the DVD box set. There was a little dog in the corner. I hope he stays! Mind you, I was probably the 50th person to ask whether his name was Snowy!

It's a shame the shop is a little small. There's almost a case for expansion? I imagine it almost like a second hand record/bookshop where amongst all the new items you have the old comics, collectibles etc.
Stas Werno
#28 · Posted: 17 Sep 2006 21:34
Heheh, ta Ranko, yeah that was Loulou, the lady who I work withs friends dog, i would have been in then. The dog was only in for a couple days :( shame, it was lovely having her in.
#29 · Posted: 18 Sep 2006 12:58
In 2003 I was in the shop and asked if they had the French book 'Herge et les Bigotudos', I explained it's an analysis of Herge's preliminary sketches for 'Tintin and the Picaros'. They told me they'd never heard of it. I felt a right charlie.
(I later bought it in the Tintin Shop in Brussels.)
#30 · Posted: 18 Sep 2006 21:50
Six more months till I'm back in Europe! I hope i can make it back to London again. Here is another pic of me in front of the shop!

By the way Stas, I checked my receipt & you were the one who signed my watch warranty receipts!
PIC infront of shop

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