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London Tintin Shop: News, your shopper's experience, etc.

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#31 · Posted: 21 Sep 2006 16:06
I have an idea why dont we have a members gallery and if we could have our pictures taken outside the tintin shop or tintin stuff just an idea?
#32 · Posted: 25 Sep 2006 09:59
There's also no real need for a larger store, it'd still be the same merchandise spread out more, there's only so much stuff available

Well the Brussels shop is quite a bit bigger, and carries more stuff - crockery, bed-linen and a lot more clothes, as well as a wider range of books in different languages - so it would be possible to fill any yawning voids which might be created by expansion… ;-)

…plus there could be more than four members of the public in the shop without claustraphobia and lack of oxygen setting in!! It does get a bit snug in the London one, and the temptation is not to linger; I liked the bigger Sloane Avenue shop, to be honest, but I imagine it was a difficult location to get the passing trade at.
#33 · Posted: 25 Sep 2006 18:22
What happend to the shop in Sloane ave?
Stas Werno
#34 · Posted: 27 Sep 2006 15:27
What happend to the shop in Sloane ave?

Too big to survive, for the tintin fanbase over hear our store is the perfect size. In Brussells obviously they have alot more fans so they need a bigger store, but also they stock more stuff because the things we don't stock tend to be stuff like the £80 jumpers, mainly because it's unlikely many people in the UK will fork out that amount for a tintin jumper.

And also some of the other stuff we're just not too keen on I guess, and is completely wrong for the uk market. It's all mainly clothes and stuff, we do have most of the books, especially if you ask.

Oh also just remembered, the lady that owns the shop said apparently one of you guys came in talking about me at some point? She said you were a doubter :)
#35 · Posted: 6 Nov 2006 18:32
Was in there at lunchtime today, picked up the two new facsimiles. A pleasant young lady served me, unless that is you Stas I guess u were on your lunch

#36 · Posted: 6 Nov 2006 19:16
Have you got i]The Black Island[/i] or Broken Ear facsmiles in yet in English, or any idea when they are going to come out?
I got Cigars of the Pharaoh and The Blue Lotus facsmiles for my birthday today - I'm 18-rated material now...!
Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#37 · Posted: 1 Dec 2006 18:22
The Tintin Shop is having a "Special Christmas Shopping Day" tomorrow (Saturday 2nd December), according to their website. There's 20% off everything, both in the shop and on the Web. Sounds like a good deal!

#38 · Posted: 1 Dec 2006 20:39
I might have to pop in here tommorow then pick up a bargain maybe :)
#39 · Posted: 7 Jan 2007 14:58
Hi Stas,

I am from Singapore and just had a wonderful experience shopping on the Tintin UK Store!

I especially would like to mention one of your colleague (or was it you?) who helped made the whole deal possible! Her name is Valerie.

Valerie not only patiently helped overcome my credit card problems, but also helped to coordinate with the rush deliver, so that my cousin who is now holidaying in London can help me bring back the goodies.

I am grateful as all the coordination was done with me being million of miles away.. however now I know I was in good hand!

I am not sure about the price, as there is no ground for comparison here in Singapore, we simply have nothing but books.

My cousin will be touching Singapore on coming Wednesday, and I am so filled with excitement to finally see the expansion to my Tintin collections!

..and for all that, thanks Val for making it happen!

#40 · Posted: 19 Oct 2007 18:50
Hello, I'm from Singapore too and I was just at the shop a few days ago. I bought the one with Tintin climbing out of the jar, and I came a few days later to get the one in the shark submarine before going to the airport to fly back home. Thank you so much for the wonderful poster! It's hanging on my wall now and it looks so good with my Tintin collection. I had such a lovely time in the shop... my friends who are not Tintin fans, were quite inspired to buy the miniature cars, perhaps because the service was so good. I plan to go there again next year in May to get more stuff!


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