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Who has the biggest Tintin collection?

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#11 · Posted: 28 Feb 2007 03:55
I have the entire collection of english(UK) books from the 60's & 70's in O.K condition with no rips, pages crisp and white, minimal spine damage.

The fascmille editions of Congo and Soviets. (mint)
The Alph-art 75th anniversary edition. (mint)

I also have all three film books:
Blue Oranges(French) - Pages crisp and clear, cover in moderate shape.
Orange flece(French) - Mint
Lake of Sharks(English)- Mint

I also have all 11 DVDs of the TV series including the Lake of Sharks.

A herge Biography (Entretiens Avec Herge: Edition Definitive)(mint)
Tintin Pocket Essentils (mint)
3 postcards (with out writting) (mint)
Complete tintin board game from Ravensburg (mint)

3 posters:
A 60's Methuten (mint)
A vintage tintin orange soda (mint)
A congo cover print (mint)

A 75thy anniversery pencil case (mint)
Ravensburger Board Game (mint)
A Tintin Et Moi DVD never used (mint)
Joe, Zette, Jocko Mr Plumps Legacy Pt. 2 (mint)
Mark A
#12 · Posted: 2 Mar 2007 21:09 · Edited by: Mark A
I have all the main books incl lake of the sharks.

What I believe was the original print of Alph Art (with English text booklet),
Tintin in The Congo (in colour) in French and the recent English version,
Land of the Soviets facsimile, in French (one with normal binding and the other with canvas spine)
Cigars of the Pharaohs & Tintin In America small Japanese facsimiles (and postcards of the covers)
Tintin The complete companion
The Adventures of Tintin at Sea
Les Adventures of Herge
Tintin in the New world (not popular I know)
All the TV programs on DVD
Various badges & keyrings
A few t-shirts
A few posters
Some plastic space figures
30cm high resin Rocket
Currently No's 1 to 58 of the cars.
#13 · Posted: 3 Mar 2007 04:12
Mark A
I'm curious about the TinTin programs on DVD. Can you provide some additional information about it?

Mark A
#14 · Posted: 7 Mar 2007 20:41
The TV programs are just all the normal animated adventures, probably the wrong description to use.
#15 · Posted: 9 Mar 2007 14:17
all 26 albums with facsimiles of the "Soviets" and "Blue lotus"
2 films books (Lac aux Requins et Oranges bleues)
2 "Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin" with transparent sheets
"A Suivre" Spécial Hergé (1983)
"le petit Haddock Illustré"
Catalog of the Pompidou exposition in 2007
the book by Assouline
la Psychanalyse de Tintin
#16 · Posted: 4 Dec 2007 20:34
Hello there!
That's an impressive collection...
Where are you from?
#17 · Posted: 7 Dec 2007 16:57
OK, mine isn't the biggest collection either but here it is -

All the regular books in English
The facsimile b/w editions of Congo & Soviets
Tintin & Alph Art
B/W facsimile edition of King Ottokars Sceptre
Facsimile edition of the first colour edition of L'ile Noir
Land of Black Gold in French before the changes were made i.e. the scene where Tintin is kidnapped after he is mistaken for a Mr Finkelstein (amongst others).
The Moon adventures, basically Destination Moon & Explorers on the Moon in one book.
The Making of Tintin, Unicorn, Moon and Lotus ones.
The Complete Companion by Michael Farr
Tintin and the World of Herge by Benoit Peeters
Congo, L'ile Noir, Star, Rackham, Objectif Lune, Le 7 Boules de Cristal & Le Temple du Soleil, Castafiore and Vol 714 Pour Sydney - all these books in French (I am aiming to collect them all in French)
Tim und die Picaros (In German obviously!)
Tintin at Sea - the maritime exhibition book.
Mr Pumps Legacy, Destination New York & The Valley of the Cobras in English
Le Testament de Mr Pump in French
Le Manitoba ne Repond Plus & Le Eruption du Karamako in French.
I also have a Quick et Flupke book to, which is in French.
The 10 disc dvd box set of the adventures
Various mugs, badges, keyrings, calendars, diary's etc that I have collected over the years, plus a scrapbook with the Migou on the front of it, into which I have stuck various postcards, greeting cards, catalogues, exhibition tickets & leaflets, till receipts from the Tintin shop!
#18 · Posted: 15 Feb 2008 08:43

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The Happy Tintinologist Team
#19 · Posted: 3 Mar 2008 16:53
I do not have the biggest collection either but I post it here anyway.

All the albums fom Soviets to Alph-Art in Swedish (several of each album)
6 of the ordinary albums in English
3 of the ordinary albums in Czech
3 of the ordinary albums in Italian
1 of the ordinary album in Spanish
4 hardback double albums in Swedish
A big white book titled Hergé written by Benoit Peters
The Complete Companion in both Swedish and English
Tintin diary from 1994
All the black and white versions in Swedish
The Black Island old version
Secret of The Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure 60's version re-released
Le Haddock Illustré by Albert Algoud
A lot of school items like pencils, pen cases and so on
8 posters
12 postcards
Ravensburger boardgame
All the computer games
Puzzle with Christmas design
18 cars from atlas
31 different PVC figurines
4 figurines in hard plastic
Tintin and Haddock on camels figurine
Two different cubes
all 21 CD's of Tintin's adventures in Swedish
all 21 also on cassette and on LP
all Belvision movies on VHS
Both movies with Jean Pierre Talbot on both dvd and vhs
The Lake of Sharks on VHS and DVD
Belvision version of The Calculus Affair on DVD
Tintin et moi on DVD
about 35 assorted VHS including the tv series from 1991
some chocolate, collectors pictures, toys, coin boxes, mugs, puzzle books, t-shirts, playing cards, keyrings and some other stuff

in total i think i have about 1300 items
#20 · Posted: 13 Aug 2008 05:43
I have a fairly small collection. The books Soviets to Alph-Art, Lake of Sharks, Destination New York, and the Eclipse/Nelvana boxed sets. (which include Cigars-Picaros, no America)

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