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Games: What Tintin computer games are available?

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#1 · Posted: 2 Apr 2004 03:38
Hi there,

Trying to find Tintin games for PC and PS1. Have tried lotsa places in Australia and UK but have come up empty.

Tried the official Tintin store but they refer to Infogrames who have been taken over by Atari and are next to useless.

If you have games that you want to sell to me or copy for me, I would be very grateful. I have downloaded a demo of a PC game but it is very frustrating - after one mistake your game is ended and you have to endure a long wait to start again.

#2 · Posted: 3 Apr 2004 11:15
Yeah, I've been trying to look for the Tintin game to but I couldn't find anything either, sorry.
I downloaded the demo too and its hard.
UK Correspondent
#3 · Posted: 3 Apr 2004 16:02
Try Amazon.fr - they appear to have a few copies for sale of the 3D game, 'Destination Adventure', and also the 2D platformers, 'Prisoners of the Sun' and 'Tintin in Tibet'.
#4 · Posted: 3 Apr 2004 19:16
I have downloaded a demo of a PC game but it is very frustrating - after one mistake your game is ended and you have to endure a long wait to start again.

What game are you refering to exactly?
#5 · Posted: 3 Apr 2004 23:44
He'd be reffering to the Tintin: Destination Adventure game, because that's what I was talking about too. I don't think there are demos for the other ones either.
#6 · Posted: 5 Apr 2004 01:38
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback. I am beginning to realise how determined you have to be to get Tintin stuff here in Australia. Also, you need some deep pockets and patience for stuff being shipped from overseas.

Picaros, the game demo I downloaded was Destination Adventure.

Hope Amazon France is nice to this Aussie non-French speaker trying to order Tintin games from them!! :)
I suppose everyone speaks the language of money....

#7 · Posted: 5 Apr 2004 02:47
You should be fine buying stuff from Amazon France. I'm a non-French speaking Aussie too and in year 2000 I bought Tintin in the Congo from them (when there weren't many copies at all in the shops). I had no hassles at all. But like you said shipping costs are a killer and patience is the key. I've found that out buying Tintin stuff from ebay and various sites like amazon.fr.
#8 · Posted: 2 May 2004 21:27
These are the Tintin games that I know of:

Tintin (Super Nintendo Entertaiment System)
Tintin: Destination Adventure (PlayStation)
Tintin au Tibet (Genesis)
Tintin on the Moon (Commodore 64)
Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun (GameBoy Color)

As for where to get them, your guess is as good as mine.
#9 · Posted: 3 May 2004 05:54
Hi guys,

Success! Kind of....

I picked up a PC version of Tintin in Tibet, released for DOS and Win95. It is in good condition but will not run under Windows 2000 (my OS at home). Oh well, I will just have to buy another PC to run this game! :)

My girlfriend will NOT be amused.... :D

#10 · Posted: 3 May 2004 08:24
You only need an old computer to run Tintin in Tibet.
I use a laptop to play it (a really old one only worth about 30 dollars now days!).

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