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Valuation Wanted: Large "Shooting Star" Seaplane Model

#1 · Posted: 3 Aug 2020 13:08
Hi there - I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with a valuation.

It's for a very large yellow sea-plane, in its original packaging, bought in the early 1990s from the Tintin Shop in Chelsea.

I can't see any photos of it online, but the wingspan is about 60cm, it has two pilots, and the letters FERS on the side.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? Any guidance would be helpful!

#2 · Posted: 3 Aug 2020 22:31
Welcome to the forums!

It sounds like you have a nice model there! I've not got a positive identification on your model as yet, and I'm no expert on price, but it's certainly possible that you have something that could be valuable.

I think it's the second edition of the model by Aroutcheff of the sea-plane from The Shooting Star (it's definitely that 'plane and book, it's the manufacturer and edition that I am unsure of), in a release of 100; the Aroutcheff model is certainly the correct 59cm wingspan, so check if it's 38cm in length?

There was one sold in Paris in 2014, if you would like to take a look.

Check for anything on the packaging about Aroutcheff and date of release - it's going to matter in terms of value, as would the presence of any numbering which is likely if it is a limited edition of 100.
#3 · Posted: 4 Aug 2020 10:09
Hi Jock123

That's really helpful thanks. There's no numbering, just a little sticker on the underside of the plane which says Herge/Moulinsart. Ours also has a little Snowy who's 4cm long with an unused sticky patch so you can glue him onto the plane wing. The plane length is 36cm, the wingspan is 59cm.

With regard to the packaging, though it's original it's unremarkable: just a brown box with no indication of numbering.

Also, would you have advice about selling? Should we just put it up on Ebay?

Many thanks
#4 · Posted: 4 Aug 2020 13:59 · Edited by: jock123
Ah! That's interesting to know about Snowy being optional/ moveable, as it explains why sometimes he's pictured on the left wing, sometimes on the right, and sometimes not at all!

Also interesting to know that the box is plain - I imagine that the fact it's probably a very small run means that the economics of getting special decorative packaging for it would make little sense...

As for selling, it sounds like there is definitely a market for this sort of thing, and it is potentially a high-value item, so I would be inclined to suggest that you at least approach somewhere like Artcurial first, to receive a professional valuation, or at least identification. They run regular comics-related sales, and they would be better placed than I to make judgment on what you have.

Ebay is always an avenue, but there is also Catawiki, an online auction house, which seems to have a lot of European comics related lots for sale.

Hope this helps!
#5 · Posted: 4 Aug 2020 14:47
Sure does - thanks so much.

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