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Quick & Flupke: Gags from "Double Trouble" & "Two of a Kind"

#1 · Posted: 15 Apr 2008 15:50
This question is for people who own the two rare volumes of Quick & Flupke translated by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner, or anyone else who has read these books. What short gags are included in these? I'm asking because everyone seems to assume that the gags included are only a selection of the best of the series; but from what I've seen the strips included in these volumes are identical to the ones in the French versions of the same covers.

For instance "Handyman" and "Acrobatics" are in "Two of a Kind" and these are the same as "Contrepoids" and "Flegme" which are both in "Tout va Bien", which bears the cover of "Two of a Kind".

So just to clear this up what are the titles of the gags in "Double Trouble" and "Two of a Kind"?

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#2 · Posted: 28 Apr 2008 16:44
The gag titles from Double Trouble are (these are translated from the French edition):

Tournament, Flying, Happy Easter, Dangerous Dog, The Swing, Everyone Gets a Turn, Magic, Drama, Posting of Notices Prohibited, Officer No. 15 Pulls a Prank, Directions, Traffic, Haute Couture, Unbreakable, Bravery, Oil-Based Paint, Forbidden Games, William Tell, Same Reasons, Dodging the Fare, The Soapbox, Caution, and Quick the Electrician.

The gags from Two of a Kind are:

Manners, How to Build a Glider, Merry Christmas, Mad Dog, A Present for Aunt Mary, Handyman, The Fact of Time, Better and Better, Reconciliation, A Kind Heart, Lasso, Lucky Charm, All or Nothing, Probity, Ironing, A Frightening Story, Quick at the Wheel, Acrobatics, Precautions, Calamity, The Confidant, Musical Ear, and Morality.

Are these the same titles given in the English editions?

#3 · Posted: 28 Apr 2008 19:28
I am looking at mine and can confirm the gags in Double Trouble match those you have said in the post above!

#4 · Posted: 8 May 2008 18:41
Thanks, jockosjungle. But would you be able to tell me what the titles actually are in the English version? I can hardly believe they're the same as my shoddy translations.
#5 · Posted: 18 Mar 2017 03:05
Everyone Gets a Turn,

That's odd, I have "Everyone Gets a Turn" in my edition of "Fasten your Seat Belts".

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