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Quick & Flupke: Happy birthday! (23rd January, 1930)

#1 · Posted: 21 Jan 2019 00:10
...Flupke ran from a serving of cod-liver-oil from Eskimos, on (presumably) New Year's Day 1919!

Granted, I did notice it yesterday, and it's now been 20 days since New Year's day has actually passed, but I thought that a thread covering this (and other incidents in which 100 years have since passed) would be fun!

The incident is in the book Fasten your Seatbelts (published by Egmont), and the story is A Weird Story.


Edit - oh dear...I've just noticed that the bottle is not 1819, but 1919 (not making the story's date 1919): that means it's not a commemoration of a hundred years since Flupke ran away from the bottle, it's more of a commemmoration of the bottle of cod-liver-oil being made. Somehow, mis-reading it led me to think that the story was made in 1919, when, looking at it again, it obviously wasn't. Either way, I don't think this thread should be locked, because there may be another event of a 100 years having passed since a story happened.

So, happy birthday, bottle of cod-liver-oil!
#2 · Posted: 21 Jan 2019 12:47
Well, I quite understand the confusion, because these sorts of things happen to me too - I nearly celebrated the 60th anniversary of Asterix last year, and was on the point of posting about it when I checked, and realized I was a whole year early! :-/ :-)

However, you are only a couple of days off from their actual start date, so rather than close the thread, I will transform it into an anniversary thread for Quick & Flupke!

The Quick & Flupke strip first appeared in Le Petit Vingtième on the 23rd of January, 1930, so they are soon to be a venerable 89!

Actually, strictly speaking it was Quick who first appeared on that date, in the story, "Quick Rend Service" ("Quick Helps Out"); Flupke doesn't arrive immediately, and in the interim Quick name-checks a classmate (Jeff), and rides a soap-box cart with Sus. Flupke finally appears on the 13th of February, 1930, in a strip which plays around with the story of William Tell, but isn't promoted to being a co-star to Quick for quite a while, with the majority of strips at the start focusing on Quick alone.
#3 · Posted: 22 Jan 2019 00:05

I can't believe it! I noticed the bottle of cod-liver-oil three days off their (or rather Quick's) birthday! So, happy early birthday, Quick and Flupke! :)
#4 · Posted: 23 Jan 2019 04:50
Happy birthday, Quick and an advanced happy birthday to Flupke! And to top it all, we have a national holiday today (on account of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birthday)!
#5 · Posted: 23 Jan 2019 08:14
Happy Birthday, Quick!

I was going to celebrate with a trip to the Tintin exhibition in Seoul, but due to the unfavourable weather circumstances, the visit's pushed until tomorrow. It looks great!


Lucky you!
#6 · Posted: 23 Jan 2019 13:53
I've posted about the anniversary on our Facebook page, with an expanded and more detailed version of my bit from earlier in the thread.

I was going to celebrate with a trip to the Tintin exhibition in Seoul

Sorry you have had to delay your trip - hope you have fun when you get to go! Remember to tell us all about it! :-)

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