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#1 · Posted: 26 Apr 2004 11:30
Hi everyone

I thought that it will be a good idea to discuss about our user names so as to get more "insights".

I use aquarist as you guessed it! I love keeping tropical fishes as pets, keeping six guppies and five neon tetras now. I plan to breed the guppies later.

I also love to play International Chess. I started to play when I was seven and I am still playing it now-with my greatest rival, my brother as he wins most of the time. If any of you are interested, please go to http://www.playchess.com and download the free program. However, you have to log onto the internet to play it. It has alot of good players too. At every moment, there are always at least twenty players!

Any opinions, guys?

Zeng Jie
#2 · Posted: 26 Apr 2004 11:51 · Edited by: Tintinrulz
my user name is pretty self explanatory really.
I'm a big fan of Tintin and I've been one ever since I was 8 years old. I still love reading the books and I've been buying the rare Belvision videos recently off ebay. At high school I was known to enjoy Tintin books and anything to do with him. Apparently I also had a hairstyle like Tintin, according to many class members. I was therefore given the nick name, 'Tintin.' But Tintin's cool so I can handle that.

I remember in 1998 at high school lunchtime in the library always checking out a really great Tintin site called, 'The Cult of Tintin.' Bet you've never heard of that one, eh. :-) I got really annoyed when Moulinsart shut it down since it was the best Tintin site around! Glad they're back!!

For my 21st birthday I'm planning on having a costume party. Guess who I'm going to dress up as?

#3 · Posted: 26 Apr 2004 11:53 · Edited by: aquarist
I guess that you are going to dress up as

Ok but why do you have a rulz at the end?

Zeng Jie
#4 · Posted: 26 Apr 2004 12:00 · Edited by: Tintinrulz
Yep, good guess!
Not really that hard, though.

I have 'rulz' at the end of my username because I think Tintin really rulz (as in rules, 'is really good!') I use the name for other forums and I'm working on a big Tintin website (that is taking forever) by the name of 'Tintinrulz - The Ultimate Tintin Companion.'

#5 · Posted: 29 Apr 2004 23:20 · Edited by: Blunderbuss
Mine is self-explanatory perhaps, but anyway - I love the Captain Haddock character and wanted to use one of his insults. The only problem is that exclamation marks aren't possible, so maybe the intention is lost, but 'Blunderbuss' is nice word in its own right I suppose!
#6 · Posted: 3 May 2004 06:33
Hi All,

Actually, my nick comes from that great show "The Goodies". It was a form of martial arts that Bill Oddie was proficient in for one episode. Basically, it was a piss-take on "Kung Fu".

I have been using this nick for many years, mainly for gaming. If you see Icky_Thoomp on your Counter-Strike or Battlefield 1942 server, please be kind.... :D
Trivia Challenge Score Keeper
#7 · Posted: 3 May 2004 10:48 · Edited by: edcharlesadams
Did you know that someone actually died laughing watching the "Icky Thoomp" sketch? His widow wrote to the Goodies thanking them for making her husband's last moments so happy.
Anyway, back on topic... My name is self-explanatory: Ed is my first name, Charles my second, Adams my surname.
Moderator Emeritus
#8 · Posted: 3 May 2004 12:48
My user name is so obvious, I don't really know why I'm explaining it ... I like Tintin {that's why I'm here ! :)} and I'm from the UK, so 'tintinuk' !
#9 · Posted: 3 May 2004 15:52
Well, in Swedish, the first part of my username is a nickname for my real name (Gustav). The JG are just my initials of my two last names.
#10 · Posted: 9 Jun 2004 07:52
I started out as jock123 on an Indiana Jones list: Jock was the pilot at the start of the first movie, and I’m Scottish, so it was vaguely appropriate. 123 was added just as a precaution in case there was another person using that name, and it was easy to make it a simple sequence. I’m not sold on it, particularly, so if I can think of another one I’ll probably change it...

edcharlesadams: was the name Charles a family name, or after the cartoonist Charles Addams? I think he added the extra “d” himself.

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