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#31 · Posted: 24 Jan 2005 20:40 · Edited by: thmthm
Its the worst - Once I wrote an email to my friend, trying to convince him to hook up with a girl I knew...and I sent the email to her instead!! Thanks Goodness I was polite - I cringe at the thought at what I could've said!!!
yes, dont drink and email!

To Miloumuttmitt: My earlier question to you was answered today as I read a 1996 article on Tintin: Regarding the doggy-bag dispensers with snowy's image..You must be in Carmel
Mull Pascha
#32 · Posted: 5 Feb 2005 11:46
My nickname is pretty obvious, it's what dr. Müller calls himself in The Red Sea Sharks.
#33 · Posted: 17 Feb 2005 00:13 · Edited by: baxter
Well, Baxter you will all know. I was given Destination Moon for Christmas or Birthday a looong time ago, and learnt French by comparing a page in DM with the equivalent in Objectif Lune. And I liked Ed Harris as Gene Kranz in the movie Apollo 13. Amazing that Baxter manages with a mission control crew of two!
#34 · Posted: 20 Feb 2005 21:00
well i am tonicWater because that is the beverage tintin drinks. the reason why the w is in caps is because of a typing accident which i thought looked kinda cool. i was also gonna be powderSnow, which is what the monastery people called snowy, but oh well
#35 · Posted: 21 Feb 2005 04:15


Nice and brief name...
#36 · Posted: 19 Jun 2005 12:14
My username was done quite simply. I like that character Zette and my first name is Fritzie.
#37 · Posted: 23 Jun 2005 16:01
My name on here is just my Cherokee name, Danagasta. Danagasta is the short form of Danawa Gosdaya. Danawa means war, and gosdaya means extremely sharp. So you could probably say that it translates as "Sharpwar." The name is exclusively for women, which may seem odd to most of you who aren't familiar with our culture.
I am extremely proud to be Native American, and that's why I emphasize my culture so much on here, as well as in my daily life. But I've also been a Tintin fan since I was maybe 9 years old, so to me the two easily go hand-in-hand.
#38 · Posted: 30 Aug 2005 15:06 · Edited by: thundercars
My username is not too difficult either: I'm a huge Thunderbirds fan (well, all Gerry's series, really), so I thought that would do nicely, but of course somebody else had that name already and I had to find something else...
Since I like (big) American cars as well I combined the two to make up my username.
My real name is Ron...
Tintin and Snowy
#39 · Posted: 2 Feb 2006 03:22
My username is pretty self explanitory. I love Tintin and I love Snowy! And the adventures are mainly about Tintin and Snowy, so that's where my username comes from! Hooray!
#40 · Posted: 2 Feb 2006 17:14
Well wench, some would say it describes my character! But it relates more to one of my hobbies - attending medieval battle re-enactments in costume. My costume is rather wench-like!

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