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Announcement: Forums upgrade

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#1 · Posted: 21 Jan 2006 05:06
Sorry for the wait, folks! The upgrade was painful, (lots of problems along the way), but it is finally done! My thanks to Paul Puzyrev (one of the software's developers) for his great help.

Some changes (improvements?) introduced in this upgrade:

1) Quick reply
Registered users can now make a reply or create a new topic AND sign in all in one place.

2) Quick bb-code buttons
If your browser has JavaScript support enabled, then the buttons can save you some typing.

3) Who is online
Big Brother is watching! ;-)
At this stage, the only way for members to hide themselves is to not log in.

4) New search interface
Librarians would love this, but not sure about everyone else...
(Sorry, I cannot bring back the old simple search because the new version software no longer supports it.)

5) More statistics
The stats page will now allow you to look up stats for the last x days.

The list of moderators has been dropped from the stats page (a change brought in by the upgrade). I shall try to get the moderators names appear in the main forums list without breaking anything.

6) and more...

Feedback welcome. Oh, I hope the 'Preview' (message preview) function is working for Mac users now.
#2 · Posted: 21 Jan 2006 09:34
Wow, well done! Quite a change.
Moderator Emeritus
#3 · Posted: 21 Jan 2006 12:51
The forums look very fresh and sleek - well done, Irene ! :o)
#4 · Posted: 21 Jan 2006 13:13
I posted a new message in 'Paul Gravett on Tintin ' and it appears in the Forums page in the right place but doesn't appear to be listed in date order on the front page. Not that I'm trying to push it on people, just a possible bug alert.
#5 · Posted: 22 Jan 2006 00:46
Thanks for the positive comments! :-) I shall look into the problem reported by tybaltstone.
UPDATE: problem fixed!
#6 · Posted: 25 Jan 2006 14:18
Just a thought on navigation... when you click on a topic title it takes you to page 1 of that topic. I'm sure the old forum took you to the latest page of the topic, which I preferred (but I'm happy to be shouted down by the majority).

On the front page, the latest topic titles are indicated by the little orange stars, but I still find it slightly difficult to scan the topic titles at a glance, especially on topics I have alrteady visited which appear in a dark blue font, thus very close to black. I wonder if they can be made to stand out a little more? Perhaps the second line of info ('topic started by' etc.) could be in a lighter grey, or indented slightly?

As I say, just personal opinions, not bugs or complaints, as I think overall the new forums are much better, and you've put a lot of great work into them.
#7 · Posted: 25 Jan 2006 22:55
Thanks, tybaltstone - I'll try to implement your suggestions.

UPDATE: suggestions implemented!
#8 · Posted: 26 Jan 2006 13:18
Woo. Thanks admin, good job.

Now, what else can I ask for..? :-)

UPDATE: Posted: 15 May 2006 04:00:02
Hope I'm not nit-picking, but I noticed that when you click on a topic from the home page, you are taken to the first page of the thread (if there is more than one page). I think it is more intuitive for it to take you to the latest page and post of the message, as that is the norm on most forums, and also correct for people who are following the thread and want to see that latest post.

As this was something I brought up before, perhaps you have decided to change it, in which case, ignore me (always a good option)!

Another thing on the home page forum list is that it says 'Thread started by:' and then gives the username of the person who submitted the last post, rather than the original author.

You may be aware of all this already, my apologies if so.
#9 · Posted: 16 May 2006 08:40
Thanks, tybaltstone - the minor upgrade I performed last week must have wiped the customized settings of the script that handles the recent posts list on our home page! Those settings have now been restored. :-)
#10 · Posted: 24 Feb 2008 03:18
Our Tintin Forums are being upgraded at the moment. In the meantime, some functions may not work and the page layout may look a bit strange. I apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.

Posted: Mon 25 Feb 2008 21:39
The bulk of the upgrade is done! I still have a few remaining things to adjust, but they should affect only the appearance of the forums, not the functionality.

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