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Feedback: Spot Hergé in Tintin cartoons list update

#1 · Posted: 30 Mar 2007 09:45
Dear Admin,
You know the Spot Hergé list, you forgot to add one thing which is Herge was one of the enemy's men that tried to seize the trial rocket X-FLR6 in Destination Moon Part 1. Probably around 15 minutes
Hope you take a bit of notice on this,
From Member,
#2 · Posted: 28 Oct 2007 13:30
It would be great if sombody could help verify this and provide a screen capture.
cigars of the beeper
#3 · Posted: 28 Oct 2007 23:40 · Edited by: Moderator
Yes, Herge is there. But, if you want a screen capture, it will have to be from someone else. My DVD playing software always goofs up screenshots by putting green lines in it. Anyway: Herge in Destination Moon screenshot (URL removed - see note below).

From Moderator: linked to screenshot no longer exists. [05 Jan 2015]

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