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[Resolved] Moderator approval

#1 · Posted: 30 Sep 2008 23:50
I'm just wondering is every message I post have to be approved or is it just because I'm a new member?
Thanks :)
#2 · Posted: 1 Oct 2008 04:46

Yes, it's just because you are new.

The forums are premoderated for new members (and old members who 'don't play nice').
#3 · Posted: 12 May 2009 16:48
But, I wonder how to become a moderator?

Moderator Note: Moderators and other site staff are appointed from time to time, by invitation of the site Administrator.
The selection process is not open for discussion, but it is fair to say that among the characteristics of those to whom the positions are offered are: that they habitually abide by the forum rules; have displayed a willingness to participate in, and contribute positively to, the life of the forums and the site in general; and who have demonstrated a knowledge of the works of Hergé.

In other words, be good, behave and help others, and you never know what might happen some day!

The Happy Tintinologist Team

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