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[Closed] Merry Christmas 2008

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#1 · Posted: 22 Dec 2008 15:44
Just thought I'd get in here quick as I may or may not be around until the end of the week.

I'd just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope everything goes well for you and your families. :-)

I've got my Christmas Day schedule sorted out.

9am - Soviets
10am - The Seven Crystal Balls
11am - Prisoners of the Sun

Lunch break.

2pm - Destination Moon
3pm - Explorers

Probably a little nap at this stage!

6pm - The Calculus Affair
7pm - The Red Sea Sharks

Tea break and on to the finale...

9pm - Secret of The Unicorn
10pm - Red Rackham's Treasure

11pm onwards. The 'Christmas cheer' may be taking hold by then, so I shall start watching the DVD's until I fall asleep!

Have a good one.

Ranko. :)
#2 · Posted: 22 Dec 2008 17:48
That sounds like a fantastic plan. I, for one, will be doing some serious lazing around all day. Maybe I'll read an album in the evening sometime...as long as it fits into my overall lack of exertion.
A very merry Christmas to you, Ranko! In the spirit of Herge, I wish a Happy New Year, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Kwanzaa to Tintinologists around the globe. :) God with us.
cigars of the beeper
#3 · Posted: 22 Dec 2008 21:30
Merry Christmas to you, Ranko, and everyone else!

By the way, how did you come up with the order you are going to read the books in?
#4 · Posted: 22 Dec 2008 22:10
Thanks, cigars and Ivan.

There is no real order to it, cigars. I initially wanted to read the entire collection but decided to whittle it down to my favourite adventures featuring Captain Haddock. It's been a tough old year, Archie's blistering and thundering is giving me a much needed belly laugh right now. ;-)
#5 · Posted: 23 Dec 2008 08:19
Merry blistering Christmas and thundering New Year, Ranko and everyone!
Harrock n roll
#6 · Posted: 23 Dec 2008 13:20
Y'all have yourselves a very Merry Tintin and a Haddock New Year!

cigars of the beeper
#7 · Posted: 23 Dec 2008 23:34
Is that from one of Herge's Christmas cards?
#8 · Posted: 24 Dec 2008 10:34
Wow, you have all beaten me to it this year!
On behalf of The Happy Tintinologist Team, I wish everyone all the best for Christmas and beyond. Thanks for your support. See you in the new year for more Tintin fun.
- Irene and all at Tintinologist.org
#9 · Posted: 25 Dec 2008 11:49
I got Destination Moon and Explorers On The Moon for Christmas :) and a Tintin-esque beige trenchcoat. Yay for Tintin-ness!
#10 · Posted: 25 Dec 2008 22:18
I got the first Tintin three-in-one album! I already own a copy, but I plan to keep this one in mint condition and hand it down to whichever one of my progeny likes Tintin. :)

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