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Help: quoting messages

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#21 · Posted: 23 May 2005 20:26
Have you upgraded your browser since last September, Jyrki21? And would you be able to tell me the version you are using, please. Thanks!

Browser is the same... I'm not sure if there even is an upgrade possible (or if there is, it's not obvious on the Mac website).

According to the specs, it's Safari 1.3 (v312), and the system I'm running is OSX 10.3.9. I did update software quite recently...

And the message I get is also something like "You have no selected text to quote" or something.
#22 · Posted: 24 May 2005 03:45
Many thanks, tybalstone, jock123 and Jyrki21, for your replies.

tybaltstone wrote: I don't get any debug info

The debug menu must not be installed then. Ahem... a big ask, I know, but would a Safari user experiencing problems with the quote function be happy to install the debug menu, please? I have found some instructions on enabling JavaScript debugger in Safari, on macosxhints.com:
1. Activate the debug menu in Safari, either by using the Safari Enhancer or by shell command:
defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeDebugMenu 1
2. Check the option "Log JavaSript Exceptions" in the Debug menu
3. Check your Console.app for output
#23 · Posted: 24 May 2005 05:15
OK, I've installed Safari Enhancer (I'd never heard of it before!) and there is indeed a debug menu available.

"Log JavaScript Exceptions" was already checked off, but there is nothing in the regular Console, nor the JavaScript Console (which is an option I now have).

What next, chief?
#24 · Posted: 24 May 2005 06:44
Thanks so much for enabling the debug feature, Jyrki21! What next, eh? Hehehe... here is the blind leading the blind: restart Safari, return to the forums, click on the 'quote' link and see whether the JavaScript Console appears.

According to Apple's Safari FAQ:
In Safari 1.3 and above, select the "Show JavaScript Console" menu item and the JavaScript Console window will open to display JavaScript exceptions. For Safari versions before 1.3, JavaScript exceptions will appear in the Console application (/Applications/Utilities/Console).
#25 · Posted: 24 May 2005 08:10
Ah, well I used to have the debug menu but when I upgraded to Tiger I had major problems with the new Safari (v.2) so had to deinstall it.

Later: Okay, I've reinstalled the debug menu using TinkerTool. Nothing appears in the console - I don't know if there is a log somewhere that records exceptions (I can only find a Safari crash log).

When text is selected, I then click 'Quote' and that deselects the text. In Firefox, where the quote function works, the text stays selected - so I guess this may be part of the problem in that - as the Javascript alert indicates - no text is selected to quote from. So there wouldn't be a javascript problem; the script is working, it's just that Safari (2) deselects selected text when you click on a link. Perhaps Jyrki21 can confirm that Safari 1.3 keeps text selected...
#26 · Posted: 24 May 2005 09:54
I couldn’t get the Java Console to work for me yesterday either (I had the debugger on in Safari so I can back-up my favorites).

I think this problem is wider than Tintinologist; I was looking to see if there was any discussion of the <javascript:paste_strinL(selection,1)> function in Safari (I’m approaching this as a complete non-programmer, but it seemed to me that that string was important ;-)).

Anyway, I came across this discussion. I chose it mainly because I got two hits in Google, and one of them was in some Scandinavian language I don’t understand. I can’t tell if the thrust of the discussion offers a solution for the problem, but I did notice that their quote function uses the same string, and it doesn’t work for me there either, with exactly the same error…
#27 · Posted: 24 May 2005 12:01
It's a problem with Safari 2, not the javascript (I note the javascript alert on that forum discussion you linked to, jock123, is exactly the same as on Tintinologist - including the comma after "Please" - "Please, select some text!" :-) - so I guess they're from the same source?). I did read somewhere else that a mouseDown is better than an onClick in this situaton, but I don't think that affects this particular quote script (?).

The script works fine when text is selected, but Safari 2 deselects the text as soon as a link (in this case, 'Quote') is clicked. It's not a javascript error we're getting, but the programmer's alert message for not highlighting text. I think the only solution (unless Safari 2 is updated and includes a fix) is to write a new quoting system, if the forum managers think it is worth it for how many Safari users there are...

jock123 wrote: I think the only solution (unless Safari 2 is updated and includes a fix) is to write a new quoting system, if the forum managers think it is worth it for how many Safari users there are...

In the meantime, the fix would be for Safari 2 users to copy and past the text they want to quote, and put the [i] tags round any quotes.
#28 · Posted: 24 May 2005 13:40
Tybaltstone is right: a) the problem lies with JavaScript support in newer versions of Safari. b) And yes, this forum system is indeed powered by miniBB.

Thanks for tracking down that useful thread on the miniBB Support Forums, jock123--I missed it while searching for answers there earlier. The miniBB developers have suggested a possible fix, which I am going to implement shortly, so watch for an update here!

Possible fix implemented! Safari users (yes, including Harrock n roll this time), please confirm whether the quote function is working for you now. Thanks! :-)
#29 · Posted: 24 May 2005 16:00
Sorry... still doesn't seem to be working in Safari 2.0.

It's not anything to do with the javascript (even the javascript support in newer versions of Safari), it's merely the fact that Safari does not keep text highlighted if you click on a link. I don't think you'll find a coding solution for this, only when (if) Safari can keep text highlighted in an updated release.
#30 · Posted: 24 May 2005 19:21
The text deselects in Safari 1.3 as well, and nothing appears in either console.

I think this is a Tintinologist.org problem, because not two weeks ago the text was remaining selected just fine for me, and I never changed my version of Safari. (I did update system software, though).

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