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[Closed] Merry Christmas 2011

#1 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 07:06
This has been a big year for Tintin fans with the long-awaited new Tintin movie, "The Secret of The Unicorn", released in late October. It is good to see the publicity surrounding the movie has been generating extensive media coverage, sparking new interest in Herge's classic series.

Thank you--friends, members, and visitors--for your support throughout this year: your presence and participation make this a friendly and lively community. I also thank my colleagues, particularly Simon (jock123), for their dedication, commitment and hard work in helping me keep the site going and growing.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and safe Christmas and New Year -
Irene on behalf of the Happy Tintinologist Team

P.S. Our Christmas card to you this year is designed by Simon (jock123). :-)
#2 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 09:25
Merry Christmas to the Tintinologist team too!!
The enthusiasm and support of your team is definitely inspiring and much needed for us English speaking Tintin (and Snowy) fans.
Your knowledge of Herge details makes you the Wikitintin of the web!

Best of all the coming year 2012 will no doubt be an exciting and happy consequence of the film's popularity. I look forward to meeting you and other Tintinologists at Tintin events (wherever they may be held in the globe). Thank you.
Harry Hayfield
#3 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 13:36
And the same to you, your family and everyone else who is a member as well
#4 · Posted: 24 Dec 2011 17:52
Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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